PXG 0317 T Irons Review: "Forgiving, compact and explosive!"

PXG has finished the year strong with the release of its brand new 0317 T irons, designed for "extreme shot making".

PXG 0317T Irons
PXG 0317T Irons
Outstanding levels of forgiveness, Sleek milled design, compact head looks great at address
Slightly lower than optimal ball flight, not the best feeling iron we've tested this year

PXG 0317 T Irons Key Features:

  • S Cor polymer fill: Increases spin performance for improved consistency and distance control
  • Hollow-bodied thin face design: designed to increase perimeter weighting, boost MOI, and improve forgiveness
  • Precision weighting: large centre weight can be used to achieve optimal swing weight
  • Precision milled face and back: every line designed to exact specifications for enhanced aesthetics
  • 3x forged: from 8620 soft steel for tight grain structure, increased strength, and enhanced overall feel and sound

Unlike most OEMs that are wrapping up for winter ahead of product launches in the new year, PXG has given golfers one more stimulating launch to get excited about.

The new 0317 T irons are Tour performance player's irons that fit nicely into the brand's iron family somewhere between the 0317 CBs and the GEN6 0311 P Irons

Designed for low handicappers, these hollow-body forged irons combine the forgiveness-on offer we've come to expect from a player's distance iron like the TaylorMade P790 with the workability and feel of a player's iron like the Callaway Apex CB.

Utilising cutting-edge technology like S COR polymer fill and precision weighting, PXG has managed to create something of a 'unicorn' iron that we believe can be utilised by a broad range of golfers thanks to its unique blend of forgiveness, looks and performance. We think they're so good in fact, they've gone straight into our best irons guide.

To find out how the clubs performed, we took them down to Chart Hills and Custom Golf Works to put them through their paces.

Let's get into it.

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Player Level
Despite being aimed at low handicappers, thanks to the forgiveness on offer and the sleek blade-like design, we think anyone playing off a handicap of 15 or better could utilise these irons. A thin topline and compact head will undoubtedly suit the eye of a better player, while the level of playability makes these irons a suitable choice for golfers who can't guarantee finding the middle of the club face 100% of the time.  

PXG 0317 T Irons
PXG 0317 T Irons

PXG 0317 T Looks and Feel

Sat behind the ball; these irons look beautiful. PXG traditionally opt for a square toe, which is a style we have come to love, and when combined with the milled detailing on the back with the central black weight, the whole design is very aesthetically pleasing. 

The back of these clubs has a stunning milled design, which is nicely split in two. The top half of the club is really tightly milled, which at a glance almost looks like a smooth satin finish, with the bottom half offering a thicker mill, as we have seen before on the 0317 CBs. 

The contrast between the two halves makes for an excellent overall look and one of our favourites from 2023. 

Offering a slightly thicker topline than the PXG 0317 STs, these clubs provide a somewhat more confidence-inspiring look when sat behind the ball, which will appeal to golfers of a slightly higher handicap. 

In terms of feel, these irons don't quite offer the same wow factor as we've seen from other irons this year. The 3x times forged design is indeed soft, but it doesn't give you that same buttery feeling we've experienced from fully forged irons we've tested.

The same can be said for the pop we've experienced from previous PXG irons. Take the 0311 P irons, for instance, which also benefit from a hollow body design. The 0311 Ps felt incredibly hot off the face, almost giving you that trampoline sensation you get from a driver, whereas the 0317 T almost felt a little flat in comparison.  

Now, that's not to say that these irons don't feel good. They do. They just didn't impress us quite as much as other irons from the brand or competitors in the category from other brands. 

PXG 0317 T Irons
PXG 0317 T Irons

PXG 0317 T Performance and Forgiveness

What these irons lack in feel, they absolutely make up for in forgiveness. During our testing out on the course, we found that even when struck from the toe, our shots managed to hold both their line and distance remarkably well. 

Even with our worst strikes, we were only noticing a drop off of between 5-10 yards of distance, which, for an iron aimed at low handicappers, is really quite impressive. 

The brand's engineers have incorporated a 15-gram tungsten weight near the toe of the club, and we could certainly feel that working away in order to keep our ball from veering too far offline. 

As previously mentioned, these irons don't feel too hot off the face, but when we got the irons onto a launch monitor, we were delighted with how they performed. 

Using a 6-iron, we were able to achieve total distances between 200-205 yards, which is precisely what we were hoping for. We did, however, notice that our spin rates were a touch on the lower side. The 6-iron was spinning between 4,000 to 4,500 rpm, which is slightly lower than optimal, but what we did notice was that the spin rates remained very consistent, even from mishits. 

All in all, we were pretty pleased with how the irons performed. Despite the fact that they weren't spinning as much as we would have liked, the distance on offer was still excellent, and the forgiveness was outstanding. 

PXG 0317 T Irons
PXG 0317 T Irons

Should you buy the PXG 0317 T Irons?

If you enjoy the compact, sleek head design of a player's iron but need the added forgiveness on offer from a hollow body player's distance iron, then the PXG 0317 T could be just the iron for you. 

Offering stunning looks, excellent distance and impressive levels of forgiveness, these irons are certainly worth considering when you make your next purchase.

As always, we highly recommend getting fit for any new set of irons, and thankfully, PXG offers an outstanding service that will ensure your clubs are ideally suited to your game, so if the 0317 Ts take your fancy, make sure to give them a call to book in your appointment. 

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