Is this the perfect golf rake? "It's only perfect if players use it"

This golf rake looks pretty cool, but will members at your golf club use it?

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Wed, 16 Feb 2022
Is this the perfect golf rake? "It's only perfect if players use it"

This is a topic that gets golf club members extremely frustrated: the lack of players raking bunkers. 

In the United Kingdom, we are slowly creeping our way towards the start of the golf season. 

Those battered, cold clubs have come out of the garage. New equipment has been ordered. YouTube content is being consumed. 

If I can just do this...then I'll have the golf swing sorted, you'll think to yourself. 

Then it happens. 

You'll turn up to that first competition and invariably find the sand throughout the entirety of your round.

What is more likely to upset you is the lack of bunker raking going on. Why can't people just rake the bunkers? Please. Just rake them.

Just how infuriating is it when you find the trap and there your ball lies in a footprint right in front of you? It's laughing at you. 

There ultimately is one common denominator behind all of this: laziness. People are just lazy. And they do not care. 

And they never will. It is frankly ridiculous. But perhaps this rake - simple and effective to use - could be snapped up by your club. 

Watch the video below, and let us know what you think. It certainly looks like it will give you a smooth lie once used. 

Credit/media: MyGolfSpy/John Barba

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