Cameron Smith reacts to Sir Nick Faldo's 'nobody's interested' in LIV Golf claim

Cameron Smith has reacted to Sir Nick Faldo's comments about LIV Golf and why he believes his landmark Open win was somewhat overshadowed.

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Wed, 5 Jul 2023
Cameron Smith reacts to Sir Nick Faldo's 'nobody's interested' in LIV Golf claim

Cameron Smith says it's frustrating his landmark 150th Open Championship victory was somewhat overshadowed by an exchange he had with a reporter over whether or not he would be joining LIV Golf.

No sooner had Smith posed with the Claret Jug after reducing Rory McIlroy to tears was the Australian involved in an awkward exchange with a member of the media.  

The question was simple, would be be joining the breakaway tour? "I've just won the Open and you're asking about that?" Smith said firmly to the journalist after he claimed his maiden major. 

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Of course, we now know the answer and Smith to this day is adamant he made the right decision.

Still, looking back on that exchange, the 29-year-old admitted it was 'just a guy trying to do his job'. 

Speaking before LIV Golf London, Smith said:

"Yeah, it was definitely, I guess, a frustrating media conference after the Open. I think, like you said, perhaps a little bit overshadowed that I'd probably just won the biggest tournament that I'll ever play in and someone was asking that.
"But as I look back on that, it's just a guy trying to do his job. I suppose it was a little bit harder from then onwards, definitely whilst making the decision, just some nasty stuff, I suppose, said by the keyboard warriors.
"I knew it was going to be tough, but I feel since I made the decision, I made the right one."

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Smith was also pressed about the comments Sir Nick Faldo made before the British Masters last week. 

Faldo has predicted he doesn't believe LIV Golf will last. 

Smith wouldn't entertain the idea of addressing Faldo's comments directly - contrary to Graeme McDowell - but he said: 

"I really can't see LIV Golf going away. I think team golf is here to stay, and if you asked every one of us out here, all the 48 guys, I think everyone has such a good time and everyone enjoys what they're doing out here, they love the competition, and like Graeme said, that team element really brings three or four guys really close that perhaps weren't before.
"It's good to see. It's unique. I don't think it's going anywhere."

Smith is playing the opening round at Centurion Club alongside Henrik Stenson and Louis Oosthuizen

What did Faldo say? 

Asked if he believes LIV will survive, he said: 

"No, I don't think so.  I think it will just -- because nobody is really interested. Sponsorship, they are not going to get the sponsorships they thought. 
"They call it team, and it's not a team, is it, because it's stroke play. You see, you made some on the putting green -- oh, see you in the scorer's tent, say what did you shoot, that's it.  
"Out there, the team is out there helping shoulder-to-shoulder, that's a true team. I don't get that part.  There's no real goals on a team, you look at The Ryder Cup, the passion, the atmosphere -- they are not playing with the same passion and atmosphere as The Ryder Cup, a team event."

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