DP World Tour pro on LIV Golf: I was wrong about Ian Poulter

DP World Tour player Mike Lorenzo-Vera hosts an illuminating Twitter Q&A about the LIV Golf situation.

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Mon, 4 Jul 2022
DP World Tour pro on LIV Golf: I was wrong about Ian Poulter

DP World Tour player Mike Lorenzo-Vera does not mince his words when it comes to LIV Golf.

When the Saudi-backed mega money series was initially announced, the Frenchman absolutely tore into those players who were thinking of jumping ship.

“WTF is going on in some player’s head???” he posted on his Twitter page, where he also describes himself in his bio as “not politically correct”.

“Not enough on the @PGATOUR? Not well organized? Bad schedule? Bad courses? Bad crowd?” he added. He also went as far as saying that those LIV Golf defectors were “ungrateful”.

Still, since then you can only assume that his feelings have hardened. Even Padraig Harrington when asked last week admitted that some DP World Tour pros do not think the sanctions are harsh enough.

But like Lorenzo-Vera, the 50-year-old Irishman had one message. You were warned that there would be severe sanctions. You have made your bed, so now you sleep in it.

It appears that we are now at the beginning of what promises to be a lengthy court battle. There are reports that 16 of the sanctioned players are now asking for an emergency court order so that they can play the forthcoming Genesis Scottish Open.

And it also seems that Patrick Reed, who has honorary life membership on the DP World Tour, is also being barred from participating at The Renaissance Club.

In the midst of all this, Lorenzo-Vera decided to host a Twitter Q&A where his followers can ask anything they’d wanted in regards to LIV Golf.

Paul Casey joining up? Not a surprise. According to Lorenzo-Vera, the general consensus is from DP World Tour players who have stayed is that they are “so disappointed in them”.

Well, they are reportedly dubbed the “Sour 16”, although Lee Westwood would prefer a different nickname.

The biggest surprise? Lorenzo-Vera thought Ian Poulter cared more about the European team than money.

Anyway, we’ll let Lorenzo-Vera take it from here:

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