LIV Golf: Brooks Koepka RIPPED over emotional interview in Jeddah

Brooks Koepka's emotional interview after claiming LIV Golf's invitational in Jeddah appeared to divide the opinion of golf fans. 

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Tue, 18 Oct 2022
LIV Golf: Brooks Koepka RIPPED over emotional interview in Jeddah

It's fair to say that Brooks Koepka, who recently picked up $4m for winning LIV Golf's invitational in Jeddah, is not usually one to be emotional. 

Over the years, we have consistently heard the accusation that Koepka, now 32 years old, only cares about the majors. 

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Koepka has won four of them, as well as eight wins on the PGA Tour and six wins on the European Tour

Yet Koepka got a little bit emotional after defeating Peter Uihlein in a three-hole playoff at Royal Greens Golf & Country Club last week. 

It was greenside that he revealed the true extent of his injury problems. Koepka previously described his body as being "like glass". 

His trouble with his knee and hip, it appears, truly threatened to end his career prematurely. He "dislocated and shattered" his right knee off the back of tearing the left tendon in his patella in 2019. 

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"I blew my knee out and my foot was pointed almost backwards and sideways," said Koepka, who also revealed he was planning to buy his brother and Smash GC team mate Chase a Lamborghini with his prize money. 

"The last two years, they haven’t been fun. It's been a long road. I didn't know if my career was over for a half-second … I wasn't sure I was going to play.

"So it's nice to be able to come back and be able to win." 

Yet despite being a little bit choked up, there were some that were a little bit critical of his emotion. 

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Before winning the tournament, Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau both tore into the situation over whether or not LIV Golf should now be awarded Official World Golf Ranking accreditation. 

LIV Golf currently do not offer their players world ranking points, meaning they have to look to alternative tours to try and qualify for golf's four major championships. 

It is a situation that has caused a considerable amount of debate. Patrick Reed said he was "getting hammered" in this regard while also lashing out at "false reporting". 

Koepka complained: "I just hate when you sit on the fence. Just pick a side. If it's yes or no, just pick one." 

While DeChambeau added that the OWGR was just delaying the inevitable, claiming LIV Golf now fulfils all of the criteria necessary

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