LIV Golf "insider" hits back at Jon Rahm despite rumour being shut down

Jon Rahm has denied all rumours that he is leaving the PGA Tour to join LIV Golf... but one LIV Golf 'Insider' is not leaving it alone. 

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Thu, 15 Sep 2022
LIV Golf "insider" hits back at Jon Rahm despite rumour being shut down

Jon Rahm shut down all talk that he is leaving the PGA Tour to join LIV Golf when taking to Twitter on Wednesday evening. Only the LIV Golf "Insider" who set up the initial rumour has come back for more. 

Now given Rahm has made it very clear he will not be moving to LIV Golf, you would think that would be the end of the matter.

But the @LIVTracking account, which claims a "perfect" track record when it comes to LIV Golf Tour player transfers, is adamant there is still more to it. 

Even if he still wants to call him John. 

Here's a short story of how the Jon Rahm to LIV Golf rumour started, and how it ended (or has it?):

We must make it clear that the LIV Golf Insider account is not an official account linked to LIV Golf. 

LIV Golf Insider: "My #LIVGolf source just confirmed with me John [sic] Rahm to LIV INV is indeed a GO. I’ve never been wrong about a LIV signing. Just look at my track record. PGA Tour is on the ropes."

Jon Rahm: "I must inform you that you have started a losing streak because you and your source are wrong. I want to thank you for the lift in the PIP [crying laughter face]."

LIV Golf Insider: "John [sic] we both know who the source is and what was said on the call. My track record is literally perfect. #FireballsGC."

Interestingly, it's the final hashtag that would likely indicate how LIV Golf Insider's 'source' is from a team member out of the Fireballs, a LIV Golf team that is currently represented by Sergio Garcia, Abraham Ancer, Carlos Ortiz and Eugenio Lopez-Chacarra. 

They are all in action at LIV Golf Chicago this week. 

Rumours have circulated this week on social media that a PGA Tour player in the World Top 10 is going to jump ship to LIV Golf in 2023. 

There has also been talk that four players from the players-only PGA Tour meeting will be moving over to Greg Norman's Saudi-backed Tour. 

It would seem like just about everyone in the World Top 10 has currently ruled themselves out the running to join LIV Golf, so if the rumours are true then someone out there is telling porkies.

Norman is understood to be targeting Japan's Hideki Matsuyama in a huge $400 million move as LIV Golf looks to expand the circuit across Asia. 

Adam Scott is also a target by the sounds of things, but much will depend on whether Cameron Smith and Marc Leishman can convince him. 

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