REVEALED: 'Crazy' details emerge of big-money LIV Golf contracts

Court documents have revealed certain restrictions included in the contracts LIV Golf League players such as Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson have signed. 

REVEALED: 'Crazy' details emerge of big-money LIV Golf contracts
REVEALED: 'Crazy' details emerge of big-money LIV Golf contracts

There was a flurry of activity last week in the LIV Golf League v. PGA Tour court battle. 

To fill you in, the first piece of news came when judge Susan van Keulen denied LIV Golf's motion to quash the PGA Tour's subpoena requests for Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) and its governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan.

LIV had relied on the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act in order to try and dodge legal probes. 

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Attorneys for the breakaway tour had also previously argued the PIF and Al-Rumayyan played limited roles in LIV Golf. 

REVEALED: 'Crazy' details emerge of big-money LIV Golf contracts

But in her ruling, the judge wrote it was plain PIF is not a 'mere investor in LIV', adding: 

"It is the moving force behind the founding, funding, oversight, and operation of LIV."

PIF and Al-Rummayan are expected to petition another judge, Beth Freeman, to review the order. 

Some legal experts have claimed if the order is upheld the decision could be the death knell in their legal tussle with the PGA.

The second piece of news came in the form of the aforementioned Freeman declining the PGA Tour's request to delay proceedings. 

Freeman ordered the antitrust case between the PGA and LIV to move ahead as planned. That case is scheduled for trial in January 2024

PGA Tour attorneys had argued that trial date was untenable given how complex the case has become. 

What about LIV Golf contracts?

Freeman also decided to unseal and make public certain LIV documents and materials in order to justify her decision. 

Some of those documents relate to the contracts LIV players have signed. 

We know now that Phil Mickelson signed a $200m deal. Dustin Johnson is said to have commanded $125m. 

But what are they giving away?

@JohnNucci has sifted through those filings and has posted a thread of certain restrictions in their contracts. 

See the thread here:

The response to the thread has been interesting. 

Comments included: 

"This is crazy."
"Quite interesting to see how much of their soul was sold to the Saudis."
"Can't wait to see the Smash and Majesticks uniforms roll up to Augusta."
"In exchange for incredible money, it sounds like they own the players in most every way."
"This PGA Tour vs LIV Golf beef is entertaining and sassy."
"These guys went to get more money and are seemingly under way more restrictions than they were under the PGA. Hope the extra cars are worth it."
"Yikes. It would have made more sense to go on strike than lock yourself into this fiasco."
"And these are the same guys complaining about the PGA Tour bylaws?"

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