Have you noticed the subtle differences in Tiger Woods' and Charlie's putters?

This cool Instagram post shows the small differences in the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter.

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Wed, 29 Dec 2021
Have you noticed the subtle differences in Tiger Woods' and Charlie's putters?

When you think of things that are synonymous with Tiger Woods his putter comes to mind. 

That trusty Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter has delivered 15 major championships. 

It has become uber famous and was one of the first clubs he picked up after his car crash in February.

He has described it as old faithful and was using it putting to holes filled with sand as he couldn't quite bend over to reach the ball.

Now he is back and millions of fans around the world are keeping their fingers crossed we see him play again in 2022. 

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For years he has kept backups as an emergency and millions of fans use it, albeit not as well as the big cat.

Woods, who will turn 46 on December 30, used the famed putter again most recently at the PNC Championship with his son Charlie. 

Eagled-eyed viewers will have spotted that his son was using a mini version of the putter. 

There were quite a few large putts drained from down town by the mini cat with some celebrations that we have seen before. 

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The folks over at @theequipmentjunkie on Instagram captured this cool image and pointed out the subtle differences to it. 

Those subtle differences being the shoulder height and a different heel to neck transition. 

This year, a replica of Woods' famed putter sold for a staggering $393,300 - believed to be the most money ever spent on a single club.

According to other news reports, only a few of these putters are made every year. 

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