My Top Four Picks in Putters

Read the reviews on the Newport Two, nubbins B7, STX 9750, and Rossie Blade...

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Mon, 23 Apr 2001
My Top Four Picks in Putters

Below are descriptions of four hot putters on the market right now. Please feel free to discuss these putters in the forum!

Titleist Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Series:
The Scotty Cameron series of Newport putters is one of the golf world's most successful and one of its most expensive putters. The company states that each is hand ground, hand shaped, and hand finished. The result is magnificent. If you are in the market for the best putter,
Titleist Pro Platinum Series
not caring about cost, then this really is one of the best putters out there. While I do like the nubbins and the face of the nubbins, I prefer a flat metal-faced putter.

The Pro Platinum Series that I tested was the mid-slant Newport Two. At address, the putter instills a feeling of confidence just from its looks. Its soft, platinum-gray color refracts no sun, while its face design rests gently next to the ball. Like the nubbins putter,

Newport Two
there is a very soft impact with the ball and the Newport Two. Lag putting with this putter is exceptional. Putts struck effectively on the toe will roll down slopes with the perfect amount of speed to stop where desired. Price: £190 ($275); Titleist Pro Platinum Series' official page. GOLFmagic rating: 9.5/10

Taylor Made nubbins:
Taylor made utilizes an excellent concept in the design of their putter's face: a soft, responsive polymer insert.
Taylor Made nubbins
Pioneering the platform for polymer inserts, nubbins (spelled in that fashion by Taylor Made) continually proves its success with professional and amateur golfers. nubbins putts with exceptional feel and distance control. After playing multiple rounds with the nubbins B7, I would recommend it to any golfer. Likewise, if you have not tried using this putter, I would suggest trying it out at your local shop. The soft feeling at impact allows you to smoothly stroke the ball at every putt. The mallet head, M2, has a surprisingly sensitive clubface as well. I find that the full stretch of the polymer face across the clubface of the putter provides a much broader use for the putter too. Since the entire face is inserted with their polymer material, you can still hit putts on the toe or heel with excellent control. Price range: £55-£105 ($80-$150); Taylor Made's official nubbins page. GOLFmagic rating: 9/10

The Odyssey Rossie Blade
This is one of the most reliable putters on tour. Since Callaway golf bought Odyssey, they have continued to reproduce this putter in multiple forms. Just to check on the success of this putters' family:
Odyssey Rossie Blade
Annika Sorenstam uses the Odyssey Rossie II. For any golfer, this putter is a relatively inexpensive putter that offers reliable consistency in putting. Without being a true mallet-headed putter, it offers the similar pendulum-like feel of a mallet putter. On each putt, it smoothly glides through impact to hit the ball squarely.

In its reproduction, Callaway has introduced this putter with a stronomic face insert. This provides even more forgiveness and better feel during play. I would recommend any golfer to try this putter. The amazing mallet-like feel without actually being a mallet creates a unique touch. Lag putting with this putter is simple and effective; hitting those ten-foot putts on line and the right speed with this putter is equally effective. Price range: £42-£85 ($65-$125); Callaway's official Odyssey Page. GOLFmagic rating: 9/10

STX Model 9750
Among one of the softer putters I have ever used, the STX 9750 combines looks and feel to provide the player with a reliable putter. STX claims that their patented, elastomeric insert creates more "dwell time" for the ball on the face, thus reducing bouncing and skidding of the ball rolling across the green. The company's slogan, "Softest legal face in golf", says it all.

On my first go with this putter, I will admit that I didn't think I would like it at all. I prefer a putter with a flat, solid face.

STX 9750
From the looks of it, I thought that the STX would be too soft for my liking. Yet, I was mistaken. The STX has a remarkably stable feel at impact; the ball reacts to the putter very well and rolls purely to your target. I had a little difficulty managing my distance control, but I think in time that would come. Toe/heel putts were fairly good. In putting from the toe, I found distance control even more difficult, but stopping power on downhill-putts was excellent.

For the experienced player, I would recommend this putter over many others, but it is not the best. Even after putting well with this putter, I still prefer a flat, solid face on a putter. Players that might benefit from this are higher handicappers. The soft, responsive face will give the high-handicapper better control on distance and aim. GOLFmagic rating: 7.5/10