Bryson DeChambeau at PGA Championship: "No, I don't care!"

Bryson DeChambeau was on the receiving end of some taunts from the New York crowd at Oak Hill. 

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Sun, 21 May 2023
Bryson DeChambeau at PGA Championship: "No, I don't care!"

Bryson DeChambeau found himself back in the mix contending for a major at the 2023 PGA Championship

It seems hard to believe it was three years ago DeChambeau, now 29 years old, feasted on Winged Foot to claim the U.S. Open. 


If you don't remember, it really was a clinic in ball-striking. Not only did he bully the course, but he also bullied the competition. 

The winning margin? Six strokes. The victory was the culmination of a full-body transformation. 

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A lot has changed for DeChambeau since then. He joined the rival LIV Golf League, sued the PGA Tour, dropped out, sadly had to deal with death of his father Jon and battled a multitude of injuries. 

He also decided to drop the weight that made him the PGA's tour-de-force with the chief. "I lost 18lbs in 24 days," DeChambeau told the media before teeing it up at Oak Hill. 

Before the final round, he found himself three strokes back of his LIV Golf compatriot Brooks Koepka, who vowed not to repeat his Masters choke.

One thing that DeChambeau had to contend with was the typically boisterous New York crowd. 

There were a few chirps here and there. About LIV, about the PGA Tour. You get the picture. 

Still, DeChambeau wasn't too bothered with the comments from those outside the gallery ropes. 

He said:

"No, I don't care. I mean, it's not a big deal. I mean, they are going to do that no matter what." 

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DeChambeau added:

"You know what, look, it's New York, and I expect it here, I appreciate the fans, them doing that to me. It's like, okay, cool, no problem. I've got no problem, either way. If we got applause, that's fantastic and if not, you know what, whatever, it is what it is."

The aforementioned Koepka previously revealed the duo have sorted out their 'beef' that made them 'enemies' in their PGA Tour days. 

How would DeChambeau describe the dynamic now?

"I think we have a common goal, growth of the game. We have franchises to focus on now and also good golf to play." 

Elsewhere, DeChambeau has a new caddie on the bag - Greg Bodine - who previously worked for Tony Finau between 2014-2020. 

DeChambeau also spoke positively of the impact of his new looper

What do you make of DeChambeau's performance at the 2023 US PGA Championship? Do you think he will contend in the majors again this year? Why not Tweet us your thoughts. 

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