Tour pro with side-splitting zinger over Michael Block's epic Rory reaction!

This tour pro shared a hilarious story about the PGA Championship's man of the moment. 

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Sun, 21 May 2023
Tour pro with side-splitting zinger over Michael Block's epic Rory reaction!

There is absolutely no denying Michael Block was the story of the 2023 PGA Championship.

Three rounds of level-par 70 doesn't particularly sound like much to shout about, does it?

But at Oak Hill, playing - and beating - the best players in the world when your full-time gig is the head pro at a joint called Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club then it makes for fairytale stuff. 

Especially when the largest cheque you've ever received from a professional golf tournament was $75,000 nine years ago. 

Block appeared somewhat overwhelmed when he was told he was comfortably beating Spanish World No. 1 Jon Rahm after he made the cut. 

Speaking before the final round, Block summed up his week perfectly.

Whatever happens, how will he look back at this achievement years from now?

"I'll look back at it and I'll say, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm glad you enjoyed the moment. I've learned at this point to enjoy the moment, to sit back and relax and enjoy it because it goes by fast, and life goes by fast. Before you know it, you're 60 years old and retired and look back at the videos on this and remember that was the best week of my life, and more than likely this is probably going to be the best week of my life. So I'm going to sit back as much as I can with my friends and family at the house we rented and watch the videos tonight and see all my new followers on Instagram. It's been crazy, it's been awesome." - Michael Block 

That quote came before he found out he was playing his final round alongside Rory McIlroy

Watch that here: 

Turns out the only way he could prep for his moment was by heading to the bar

One man who has also played alongside Block is England's Eddie Pepperell, who chimed in:

Never change, Eddie. 

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