BEST DRIVERS 2021 | The MOST FORGIVING drivers on the market in 2021

There are some fantastic drivers on the market this year and in this showcase, we highlight the four most forgiving we have tested.

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Wed, 28 Apr 2021

BEST DRIVERS 2021 | The MOST FORGIVING drivers on the market in 2021

Forgiveness in drivers is becoming more important than ever in the modern game and even some of the best players in the world are seeking more forgiveness in the big stick.

Distance will of course always be the main talking point for brands when it comes to building new drivers, but in 2021 we certainly saw a huge shift in focus in making sure the latest drivers were extremely forgiving.

For amateur golfers, forgiveness is perhaps more important than gaining a few extra yards and a lot of us would rather have a driver that helps us keep it on the fairway.

That's why in the modern era of golf, when brands release new drivers, there is now typically two or sometimes three different models for golfers to choose from.

One will usually be a low spinning model, aimed at better players craving as much distance as possible, while the other one will provide a higher MOI and a low centre of gravity, meaning plenty of forgiveness.

In one of our latest videos, our equipment editor Alex talks you through four of the most forgiving drivers we have tested in 2021 and provides you with all the details you need to know about each one.


Alex has hit a lot of new drivers this year and put them through a vast range of testing and head to head battles, but the drivers he has selected as the most forgiving are of course personal to him.

So if you're thinking of buying a new driver and you watched our video to get some more information on forgiveness, remember that you will get different results to Alex so keep your options open and make sure you try before you buy!

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