Drivers: 10 of the best for 2015

Want distance? Want to hit it straight? Gadgets, or no fiddly bits? Try one of these.

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Fri, 10 Apr 2015

Drivers: 10 of the best for 2015

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Looking for a new driver? We have tested some of the hottest on the market to help you narrow it down.

With no such thing as a one-size-fits-all driver, given the variety of heads, centre of gravity positions and adjustable gadgets, our goal for this test was to find you the most consistent drivers in terms of accuracy and distance. 

Our test was conducted using a GC2 launch monitor and Titleist golf balls at Foresight Sports HQ.

We have only used the shot data as a guide as we believe a description of the looks, feel and performance of each driver is more beneficial to our readers. 

Some add distance, others split fairways, a few look outright cool.

Several do it all. Here's our verdict: 


Name: Andy Roberts
Handicap: 8
Average driving distance: 270 yards

Name: Stel Marcou
Average driving distance:
250 yards

Bridgestone J715 - BRONZE 

A driver better suited to lower handicap players given the compact-looking head and lack of forgiveness in relation to others in this test, but well worth a look if you are a solid ball-striker who enjoys shaping the ball off the tee. 

Hot: Easy to draw the ball when placing the heavier weight in the heel; well balanced feel from the stock shaft; hearty sound at impact

Not: Lacks forgiveness; no alignment aid; very expensive at £350

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Callaway XR - SILVER

A solid offering from Callaway with a fresh new look on the crown, good distance, mid-high launch, and decent forgiveness. The club felt longer than ideal in the hands, but is well worth a look at if you can get custom fitted. 

Hot: Aerodynamic head increases clubhead speed

Not: Limited adjustability; standard length at 46" felt too long

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Cobra Fly-Z - GOLD

Outstanding value for money. It might not be the most adjustable Cobra offering, but it does not need to be. It is long, straight and looks the real deal. This is arguably the best driver you are probably not considering.

Hot: Superb distance; tremendous forgiveness; value for money at £249

Not: It cannot help you with the second shot

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Cobra Fly-Z+ - SILVER

Just as forgiving and as powerful as its brother, but launch angle was much lower. The compact head will likely appeal to better players. The "FlipZone" shifts the CG well but we did not find it particularly easy to adjust. 

Hot: Superb distance; good forgiveness

Not: "FlipZone" weight is not the easiest to adjust

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John Letters TR47 - BRONZE

At half the price tag of many drivers in this test, the TR47 certainly looks a suitable option for the casual golfer who is not willing to splash the cash. It is not the most forgiving but it is long enough to get excited about.

Hot: Solid distance given its price tag

Not: The face sits closed at address; lacks forgiveness

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Mizuno JPX 850 - SILVER

One of the longest drivers in the test, especially when the weights were shifted to the front. While it typically felt nice in the hands and looked superb at address, it did not prove quite as forgiving as our gold winners.

Hot: One of the longest drivers in the test; beautiful crown design

Not: You sacrifice an element of accuracy

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Nike Vapor Speed - GOLD

One of the best all-round performing drivers, and pleasingly at a generous price. Long, forgiving and looks great in the bag. It will likely suit mid-handicap players the most and is well deserving of one our gold awards. 

Hot: Added distance; superb forgiveness; value for money at £249

Not: Lacks an alignment aid

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TaylorMade AeroBurner - SILVER

Packed full of power and well worth a look if you are not fussed about tinkering. The clubhead-shaft combination felt a little too light and that cost us some control. Potentially a superb driver once custom fitted. 

Hot: One of the longest drivers in the test; looks superb

Not: Stock shaft is too light

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TaylorMade R15 - GOLD

Without doubt, one of the longest, straightest and easiest to adjust drivers we have tested in 2015. It might be the most expensive in this test but if you can stomach the price tag, you are unlikely to be disappointed.

Hot: Long; forgiving; easy to adjust

Not: Very expensive at £369

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Wilson Staff D200 - SILVER

The new D200 proved very easy to hit straight, work to the left and easy to adjust. While not the longest in the world or necessarily the nicest to look at, it certainly represents great value for money.

Hot: Accurate; simple adjustability; value for money at £199

Not: Lacks shelf appeal; tinny on off-centre hits

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Have you hit any of these drivers? Which one is your favourite?

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