Report: LIV Golf's $100m man Brooks Koepka has 'buyer's remorse'

Brooks Koepka already has buyer's remorse about his decision to leave the PGA Tour for the LIV Golf League, according to a report.

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Wed, 15 Feb 2023
Report: LIV Golf's $100m man Brooks Koepka has 'buyer's remorse'

Brooks Koepka reportedly has buyer's remorse over his decision to join the LIV Golf League

According to Alan Shipnuck of The Fire Pit Collective, Koepka "took the money when his brittle body was still being put back together". 

Koepka allegedly confided in those closest to him that he wasn't sure he was ever going to be fully healthy again. 

But now the 32-year-old is "feeling frisky and rethinking his career choice". 

Now we'll know doubt have to take all of this with a pinch of salt.

A Tour pro revealed earlier today that he thinks "it would effectively kill LIV" if Koepka decides to leave and return to the PGA Tour. 

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But given that Shipnuck was the reporter who published Phil Mickelson's "reckless remarks" about his workings with LIV, the PGA Tour and sportswashing, it's not unreasonable to suggest he's more than somewhat in the know

Shipnuck documented his thoughts in the latest edition of #AskAlan, which you can read in full by clicking here

This is what he wrote of Koepka: 

"I'm hearing a lot of rumblings that Brooks Koepka has buyer’s remorse.
"He took the money when his brittle body was still being put back together, and in private he has confided to folks he wasn’t sure if he would ever get fully healthy again.
"But now Koepka is feeling frisky and supposedly rethinking his career choice.
"The guy has one of the biggest egos in golf, and as the PGA Tour creates ever-increasing buzz with its elevated events and even the state-sanctioned TGL, Koepka has to feel like he’s on the outside looking in.
"As for the mechanics of returning to his old place of business, a lot hinges on the European Tour lawsuit that is being reviewed by arbitrators in the UK.
"If the players prevail, that opens the door for the LIV guys to have unfettered access to the Euro Tour, which will be a boon to a struggling circuit.
"It would also position LIVers to play for Europe in the Ryder Cup, all of which would put intense pressure on the PGA Tour to forge a truce with LIV.
"Secretly, Monahan would love for some big-name LIV guys to come home because it would be a p.r. bonanza for the PGA Tour."

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There is no doubt about it, seeing a LIV Golf player return to the PGA Tour - especially the four-time major champ - would no doubt be a huge story. 

Could it happen? Should it happen? Would it? 

Koepka joined LIV last June for a fee that was reportedly in the region of $100m. Mickelson all but confirmed he signed for $200m. 

The Netflix documentary Full Swing was released on 15 February and Koepka featured heavily in the second episode titled Win or Go Home. 

Koepka grapples with injury woes and the idea that he might not be the player that made him so dominant. 

When he was a PGA Tour player, he described his body as "being like glass" such were his issues with his knees and hip.

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He was described in the documentary as the "major whisperer" such was his ability to elevate his game when it came to major championships. 

Koepka memorably was quoted as saying players would "sell out" and join the breakaway tour, fronted by Greg Norman

That was almost a year ago. This time last year, one of LIV's harshest critics - Rory McIlroy - said the breakaway tour was "dead in the water".

He was one of a number of players who changed their mind and now is the team captain of Smash GC. 

Smash GC comprises of his brother Chase Koepka, Jason Kokrak and Matthew Wolff. 

LIV Golf have also raided the PGA Tour and it's now official that Sebastian Munoz and Mito Pereira have joined

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