LIV Golf employee sounds off on...LIV Golf? "Executives could CARE LESS!"

A LIV Golf crewmember has blasted those in charge at the Saudi-backed  tour after reports emerged the league had stripped important healthcare benefits.

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Wed, 22 Mar 2023
LIV Golf employee sounds off on...LIV Golf? "Executives could CARE LESS!"

If recent reports about the LIV Golf League are to be believed, there is significant belt-tightening going on

So much so, LIV Golf have reportedly changed the deal for crewmembers working in production of their broadcasts.   

To the surprise of nobody, LIV's backers, the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, paid for every expense in their inaugural season. 

Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the governor of the wealth fund, supplied a private jet to ferry players all over the world. 

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Even the caddies were treated like royalty, put up in plush hotels. It sure was good for some. 

That apparently extended to the crewmembers. In 2022, they worked under a union, which contributed to the healthcare and retirement benefits of workers. 

That has now apparently changed. 

The Union Behind Entertainment (IATSE), said they were 'shocked' to learn that LIV had 'pulled the rug out from under them by shifting to a non-union production company, circumventing the need to provide important employee benefits. 

One crew member, who wished to remain anonymous, told the union:

"I gave up other work last year to commit to LIV because I knew I would receive much-needed healthcare contributions to keep my family in coverage. But now that's all changed, there seems to be plenty of money to spend on extravagant excess but not to guarantee the crew that puts their product on the air access to healthcare. These are industry standards, and the LIV executives could care less." 

Another added: 

"I'm in the twilight of my 30+ plus year career broadcasting golf, and I am losing much-needed retirement contributions, that I was counting on to keep me on track to reach my retirement goals. At this phase of my life, I must continue to save as much as possible to retire at an appropriate age."

In a statement, IATSE representative Rachel McLendon said:

"As skilled and dedicated professionals, broadcast workers deserve fair benefits and working conditions that reflect the value of their contributions to LIV. We are calling on LIV to ensure that all workers have access to benefits and are given a voice in their workplace."

You can read their full report by clicking here

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