Sergio Garcia RAGES at reporter at The Masters: "You need to stop it!"

LIV Golf player Sergio Garcia appeared less than impressed with this reporters after the opening round of the 2023 Masters.

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Thu, 6 Apr 2023
Sergio Garcia RAGES at reporter at The Masters: "You need to stop it!"

LIV Golf player Sergio Garcia appeared to lose his cool a little bit with a reporter after his opening round at the 2023 Masters. 

Garcia, the 2017 Masters champion, fired an opening round of 2-over 74 at Augusta National. 

He started well, turning in 2-under par but struggled on his back nine, making bogeys at No. 10, 13, 14 and 15. 

Perhaps this was not the right time to chat to Garcia after it was confirmed by a sports arbitration panel in the UK that the DP World Tour can impose fines and sanctions to the 'rebel' players. 

The 12 players who lost their appeal have 30 days to pay the £100,000 fines that were handed out last June. 

For full context, here's the entire exchange Garcia had with the reporter at Augusta:

Q. How normal did it feel coming back here and playing and concentrating on your game?


"Totally normal. You guys need to stop it. You guys are making a big deal out of this, and it's you guys."

Q. No, it's not.


"Yes, it is. I've had nothing but great things from every single player I talk to. So please stop it and talk about the Masters."

Q. I think actually, in defense, I think actually I was thinking you haven't had as many reps as sometimes you normally would. How did you feel coming in and playing this golf course because of that?


"I don't think you meant that, but I did play -- I played one, two, three, four -- I played five tournaments coming in here. So it's pretty good. There's been times where I probably maybe haven't played that much coming into here.
"But it's usually around that, four, five, six tournaments. But that wasn't the problem."

Q. Are you aware the decision that came down today in the UK about --


"I'm not."

Q. You're not?



Q. Does that mean you wouldn't talk about it if we told you what happened?


"How can I talk about something I don't know? Obviously I don't look at the news. So I don't know what happened. I'm not going to talk about something without all the information that I need. I don't want to get into --"

Q. Are you interested in playing on any event in the European Tour going forward?


"We'll see. We'll see how the year goes."

Q. Maybe speak to you about it tomorrow once you've had a chance to catch up on it.


"We'll see. I probably won't catch up on it."

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