Tiger Woods doesn't like watching replays of most iconic shot in Masters history

Tiger Woods has explained why he doesn't like watching replays of his iconic chip-in from the 2005 Masters at Augusta National. 

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Thu, 6 Apr 2023
Tiger Woods doesn't like watching replays of most iconic shot in Masters history

Five-time Masters winner Tiger Woods has no shortage of iconic shots at Augusta National.

There's one in particular that stands out. In all likelihood, it's probably the most iconic shot in Masters history. 

Maybe even in the history of the game? In. Your. Life! 

Back in the 2005 Masters, Woods entered the final round with a three-stroke lead over Chris DiMarco. But as the pair approached the par-3 16th hole at Augusta in the final round, DiMarco had cut down Woods' lead to just one. 

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Playing at 179 yards during the final round, DiMarco was up first on the tee. He struck a solid shot that landed safely on the green. Next to go was Woods, who hit his shot long, left of the green and it sat on the second cut.

While DiMarco had a birdie chance, it appeared as though Woods would be happy to leave the whole with par.

But, as proven time and time again, counting Woods out is the biggest mistake anyone can make. The then already three-time Masters champion hit his difficult chip well high of the pin, and it slowly began to roll down towards the hole.

It slowly trickled right up to the edge of the hole and paused for a few seconds - perfectly framing the Nike logo - before dropping in for the shot of the tournament. 

Woods went ballistic alongside Steve Williams in a scene that's been shown countless times since.


DiMarco then just narrowly missed his own birdie putt, and Woods left the 16th green having extended his lead to two. DiMarco eventually was able to claw his way back, and forced a playoff for the green jacket. Woods ultimately claimed what would be his fourth Masters title with a 15-foot birdie putt on the first playoff hole. 

But despite how iconic his chip at No. 16 back in 2005 was, the 82-time PGA Tour winner admitted he has not tried to recreate the famous chip. 

He's also not a fan of watching back as he struck his 8-iron 'so far off-line' on the tee. 

Woods said of that shot: 

"They have since redesigned that hole, redesigned the green. So it's not how it used to be over there. I just ran into Peter Dawson [chairman of the OWGR] on the way in here.
"He was right behind me on that chip shot. So everyone is screaming and yelling and Peter is just as stoic as can be back there. That's probably one of the neat photos.
"But yeah, the green has changed. There is a new back, deeper hole location there that they tried to fit. But my chip there in 2005 is not the same as -- the green is not the same as it was then."

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What goes through his mind when he watches that shot? 

Woods added: 

"I did not draw a bad lie on that tee shot to hit that bad. You know, if you want to go back and see the chip went in, okay, that's cool. But to hit an 8-iron that bad and that far off-line, and I had a perfect lie, was not very good."

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