"Please rain": PGA Tour pro not happy with frightening Riviera greens

PGA Tour pro Min Woo Lee doesn't look to pleased with the fast and firm Riviera greens ahead of the Genesis Invitational. 

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Thu, 17 Feb 2022
"Please rain": PGA Tour pro not happy with frightening Riviera greens

PGA Tour pro Min Woo Lee is not relishing the prospect of putting on the Riviera greens at Tiger Woods' Genesis Invitational. 

In fact, he is hoping for a bit of rain. The PGA Tour posted a video showing just how firm and fast the greens are rolling. 

"Please rain", was the message from the young Australian, 23, whose sister Minjee plays on the LPGA Tour. 

"Better chance of stopping it on concrete," one person commented. "How are you supposed to stop that?" another said. 

They certainly look tough. Couple that with playing off kikuyu this week and it will be not for the faint of heart. 

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What is kikuyu?

You'll probably hear this word a lot this week. It's pronounced kuh-koo-yah. 

It can be described as a spongy turf and has the ability to stop balls quickly. 

On other grasses, such as bermudagrass, sometimes a fairway wood approach on a par-5 could bound through the green. 

With this stuff, it could bounce one yard forward before stopping completely. 

Bump and run shots are difficult too. Players will have to find the perfect landing zone. 

When it comes to the rough, it can sometimes sit up on the top.

Meaning it's ever more likely you can swipe underneath it and the ball goes nowhere. 

But it can also nestle deep into it. Really tricky stuff. The strategy this week will be to just try and keep the ball in the fairway. 

Everything else is a bit of a lottery. 

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