Scottie Scheffler's very dramatic (!) reaction sends Golf Twitter™ into meltdown

Scottie Scheffler sent Golf Twitter into meltdown with this hilarious reaction to a shot on the driving range at the 2023 US Open.

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Sat, 17 Jun 2023
Scottie Scheffler's very dramatic (!) reaction sends Golf Twitter™ into meltdown

Scottie Scheffler is very, very good at golf but he is absolutely one of us. 

This was demonstrated perfectly after Scheffler, currently ranked the best player in the world, played his second round at the 2023 US Open

He found himself well positioned after 36 holes having posted rounds of 67, 68 to reach 5-under. 

That meant he was five strokes behind surprise leader Rickie Fowler. But this is a US Open and the course will firm up.

The pins will be nigh on impossible to get to. The greens will dry out. There will be blood. 

Scheffler had gained strokes off the tee through 36 holes (+0.64), but he wasn't happy. He had hit 15 of 26 fairways so decided to take to the practice range late on Friday evening to test out a new TaylorMade gamer. 

And he wasn't happy with the new driver head. Judging by his reaction. 

Golf fans absolutely loved the viral clip recorded by Golf's Luke-Kerr Dineen. It generated more than one million views within 24 hours. 

Watch here:

Comments included: 

"Respect that! Actions say 1000 words."
"Feels. But I gotta go get my driver because it's the only one I got."
"When I make the switch from wine to an after dinner IPA."
"If the number one player in the world can chuck his driver then by god I can too."
"When I mistake an oatmeal raisin cookie for chocolate chip."
"Technique here is flawless. I'm a tomahawk thrower but I like this no look jump shot approach."
"Like me. But I go retrieve the club and use it again. Or, throw it in the lake."
"One of us!"

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Putting woes...

Scheffler has been struggling with his putter of late. So much so, he decided to put a new one into play for this major. 

He told the media before he teed it up in the first round he felt it was 'strange' he has been so off with the flatstick. 

Scheffler did have an hilarious explanation as to why he brought a different one to Los Angeles Country Club. 

He said:

"I mean, sometimes you just got to bring another putter around there to make the original one scared. I've never really been one to try and overthink things, so I try and keep things as simple as possible."

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