Hot mics pick up one of the funniest F-bombs ever (?!) from Jon Rahm

Hot mics at Los Angeles Country Club picked up one of the funniest, loudest F-bombs from Jon Rahm during the 2023 US Open. 

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Sat, 17 Jun 2023
Hot mics pick up one of the funniest F-bombs ever (?!) from Jon Rahm

It's fair to say Jon Rahm is one of the more emotional players on the PGA Tour.  

But would it be unreasonable to suggest he's taken this to a new level at the 2023 US Open at Los Angeles Country Club?

Reader, I posit to you that the Spanish World No. 2 is having an emotional week. He made the cut on the number, but it was tough work. 

Let's start with his opening round where (to this writer's eye) Rahm hit what could be described as a near perfect tee shot. Dead straight. Roasted. 

His immediate reaction was to turn around and very nearly snap his iron over his left knee. 

See here: 

I mean, that was absolutely priceless. Fans loved it. "The tournament has officially begun," one wrote in response. 

Hot mics later picked up Rahm dropping one of the biggest F bombs you'll ever hear. Even for Jon Rahm, this one was special. 

See here:

Then Rahm later took out his frustrations when he was walking back to the scorer's hut. 

Take that, sign!

Golf caught this:

Rahm has addressed his temper on numerous occasions. Am I ever going to escape that question, Rahm asked the media two years ago. 

Still, he has been up front about it all. "I've done some stuff in the past that I'm not proud of, and I wish I could eliminate it," he previously said. 

After winning the US Open in 2021, Rahm said he vowed to make an effort to quell his temper to be a better example for his son Kepa. 

He has two children now with his wife Kelley Cahill

"I know it's hard to believe, but there's been a steady progress,'" Rahm said of his temperament, adding:

"Right now I'm a role model to my son [Kepa]. I made that deal with myself after the third round of the PGA.
"I wasn't happy with how I ended, and I could have handled it better, and I vowed to myself to be a better role model for my son.
"He won't remember any of this because he's only 10 weeks old, but I do.
"Hopefully in the future, he can grow up to be someone who's proud of his dad. I hope I can provide that example."

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