10 of the longest drivers on the market in 2017

Want a driver that maximises distance? Get yourself one of these. 

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Thu, 7 Dec 2017
10 of the longest drivers on the market in 2017


We all want to hit a long ball - but are you playing a big stick that will help you unlock your full potential?

We’ve collated a list of the most powerful, brutal, yard munchers on the market, that will help you send the ball past your playing partners with ease.

Some are built purely for distance, some are just awesome all-round drivers that happen to be really long.

All are beasts in their own right. 



TaylorMade 2017 M1 driver

One of the best drivers on the market in 2017 - and one of the longest. A new six-layer carbon crown and carbon toe panel doesn’t just look cool, it also increases your ability to find extra yards with the club in hand.

A lower centre of gravity coupled with low spin equals extra distance for all players.

The new T-Track system also allows you to dial in the driver to match your swing, so you can max out your length.


Price: £479