Cameron Smith on LIV Golf beef?! "If anyone wanted to confront me..."

Cameron Smith has spoken about the reaction to joining LIV Golf, his love of fishing, and why it's good the PGA Tour is kept on their toes.

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Fri, 24 Mar 2023
Cameron Smith on LIV Golf beef?! "If anyone wanted to confront me..."

Cameron Smith says nobody has told him to 'p*** off or not to talk to them ever again' after the Australian joined the LIV Golf League as he claimed the rival tour has 'kept the PGA Tour on their toes'. 

Smith recently joined The Howie Games podcast to talk about a number of topics. 

Those included his love of leg day in the gym (10 reps, three to four sets of 80-90kg), fishing (four to five times a week), his decision to join the LIV Golf League and the subsequent reaction. 

As far as Smith is concerned, he is yet to see anything 'bad' happen to professional golf. Though Smith has reportedly had to endure a bit of petty behaviour, as it is claimed that he has been blackballed by certain golf clubs. 

His personal parking space also disappeared at TPC Sawgrass. 

Smith is said to have commanded a fee north of $100m when he joined LIV last August. He went straight in as captain of the all-Australian Punch GC side. 

He has already tasted victory on the circuit. That came last September. 

This year, it's been a bit of a mixed bag. His re-branded Ripper finished fifth in the team standings at LIV Golf Maykoba and in the same position at LIV Golf Tucson

As for Smith, he finished T-5 in Mexico and struggled in Tucson, finishing T-24. 

Before Smith joined LIV Golf, he received a phone call from Rory McIlroy to think it through.

McIlroy - who this week hit one of the drives of his life - wanted Smith to know all the facts about the direction the PGA was going to take. 

It appears that Smith hasn't had any issues with anyone. 

He told the podcast:

"All the guys that I was mates with are still my mates. No one has told me to p*** off or not talk to them ever again. I'd like to think that I'm a pretty easy person to talk to and if anyone ever wanted to confront me, I'm all about talking about it and making sure they're comfortable with it as well. 
"It's not my spot to step on anyone's toes and that's the last thing I wanted to do. It's just a move I felt was right for my career."

"Competition is thriving"

There is absolutely no denying LIV have forced the PGA Tour into change. 

Phil Mickelson reckons some of the ideas they have implemented are 'comical' as he apparently suggested them before

For his part, PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan has claimed their revamp for 2024 is 'nothing like' LIV. 

Smith said:

"It is good to have competition and I think LIV Golf has definitely kept the PGA Tour on their toes and their competition is thriving from it as well so I can't really see a bad thing that it's done yet to professional golf."

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