Dustin Johnson's brother: "I'm the MOST-SPOILED caddie in the history of golf!"

Dustin Johnson's brother and caddie Austin has opened up on what life is like caddying in the LIV Golf series after the conclusion of the first season.

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Thu, 3 Nov 2022
Dustin Johnson's brother: "I'm the MOST-SPOILED caddie in the history of golf!"

Dustin Johnson's brother and caddie says he is the "most-spoiled caddie in history" after the conclusion of LIV Golf's inaugural season. 

Austin Johnson has been by DJ's side since 2013 after the 2020 Masters champion had a brief stint with Tiger Woods' caddie Joe LaCava. 

The Johnson pairing have had considerable success, with Dustin winning as many as 24 PGA Tour events and two major championships before the 38-year-old American upped sticks and departed for pastures new with LIV Golf. 

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Dustin had a remarkable year on the course with LIV in their opening season as the 4 Aces GC captain, topping the list of highest earners over eight events. 

He also won LIV Golf's Invitational in Boston with a monster eagle putt in a three-man playoff. 

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Austin has spoken to Golfweek about life on the controversial series as a caddie. 

Brooks Koepka also touched on the topic of caddies this year, explaining that loopers are "treated like human beings". 

In Golfweek's report, Koepka said: 

"It's been fun to see a lot more smiles on people's faces. I think everyone's genuinely happy. I think the way there's food for the caddies, the way they're treated like human beings, I think that's nice as well, because I’ve seen both sides, and not everybody's seen both sides."

There is of course a money versus morals debate between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. 

According to a recent report by GolfDigest, one anonymous caddie dismissed this issue and claimed: 

"Out of my dozen or so closest caddie friends on Tour, half of them are doing everything they can to find a way to LIV. To a lot of us, it’s an opportunity we can't afford to pass up." 

But back to Austin Johnson, who believes aside from the expenses being all paid for, it's the "little stuff" caddies are appreciating. 

Austin also pointed out that the food is decent at LIV Golf stops, whereas on the PGA Tour he'd be "hoping" there was still food available once they had finished their round. 

He told Golfweek: 

"You feel more included. The little stuff, like just being able to go into the player dining and eat, and my wife can go in there and hang out and they let her go in all the Club 54's and get some air conditioning and get a snack, stuff like that. 

He added:

"The [PGA] Tour was great to us, it was a great place to work, LIV is just better quality of work for caddies.
"I'm the most-spoiled caddie in the history of golf, don't get me wrong but like a lot of these guys, to have all the expenses paid for, to show up to work and know they're gonna get a paycheque, it's life changing. It really is."
"I'm not trying to talk bad about the PGA Tour, I'm just trying to highlight how great it is out here. I sound like a spoiled little kid but it's just nice to be done with the round and I can go sit up in the air conditioning, have lunch with Dustin, have a decent meal versus walking over to some tent and hoping there's food in there."

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