Report: LIV Golf make streaming change after CW 'gaffe'

LIV Golf are returning to their streaming roots, per a report. 

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Fri, 26 May 2023
Report: LIV Golf make streaming change after CW 'gaffe'

LIV Golf have decided to add YouTube back as a viewing option, according a report from Sports Business Journal. 

The change will be implemented starting this week in Washington as the breakaway tour plays their seventh event of 2023 at Trump National Golf Club. 

Throughout 2022, the 'beta-test' year of the 'rebel' league, all of their events were streamed for free on the platform.

LIV Golf failed to secure a TV deal in their inaugural year but this January finally struck gold with The CW, with Greg Norman hailing the news as 'momentous' and a giant stride forward

Documents filed in LIV Golf's legal battle against the PGA Tour previously suggested an agreed media rights deal was 'sabotaged' by their North American rivals. In those documents, LIV labelled The CW as 'secondary'. 

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Details of the financial structure of the deal were murky at best.

Understandably, there has also been a lot of talk about the viewing figures from events aired on The CW. 

In March, it was reported LIV were struggling for ratings with more people reportedly tuning in to watch a programme about 'funny animals' than watch the controversial tour play in Tucson. 

There was also a bit of a gaffe as the station pulled the coverage in Tulsa just before Dustin Johnson won a thrilling finale. 

It should be noted that this has happened before in other golf broadcasts but nonetheless The CW has vowed not to let it happen again. 

LIV also announced before the PGA Championship they would stop sharing their US viewership data

Some viewers will still have to stump up a little bit of cash to watch on YouTube going forward though.

Those in the US, Canada, Mexico and South Korea will have to pay $3 per day whilst those in the UK, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Japan will able to stream the events for free. 

Reports Josh Carpenter:

"Starting with today's event in D.C., viewers in the US, Canada, Mexico and South Korea will be able watch LIV tournaments on the league's YouTube channel for $3 per day. Last year’s inaugural LIV season -- which it has deemed as a Beta year -- was available for free on the service. In addition to PPV in those regions, LIV also is offering a free geofenced YouTube broadcast in the U.K., Italy, Japan, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland."

After the conclusion of LIV Golf Washington, the league will have a one-month break before returning for their final six events and the season-ending team championship.

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