Justin Thomas takes dim view of wild PGA Tour/LIV claim: "Real reliable source"

Justin Thomas doesn't think there is much credibility to this rumour.

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Fri, 9 Jun 2023
Justin Thomas takes dim view of wild PGA Tour/LIV claim: "Real reliable source"

Justin Thomas was having a quiet practice session when news broke the PGA Tour had partnered with LIV Golf's Saudi backers. 

Thomas, now 30, took posted a video of his phone blowing up with notifications in the immediate aftermath of the seismic moment in the game. 

We haven't heard what Thomas has had to say about this deal yet but speculation is rife over what will happen. We have so many questions

In a report earlier in the week, Firepit Collective reporter Alan Shipnuck quoted a LIV Golf exec making some interesting claims. 

According to the exec, every leading PGA Tour player will likely be getting a renewed offer. 

"Now we can get Hideki and Jon Rahm," this exec reportedly said before aiming an outrageous insult at Rory McIlroy

Thomas doesn't appear to think there is much truth to that, judging by his response. 

"Shipnuck, real reliable source of info there," Thomas replied to a tweet, along with a laughing emoji. 

See here:

Thomas represents one of several players who turned down vast fortunes to join the breakaway league in 2022. That wasn't due to a lack of effort from those at LIV.

According to Greg Norman, he sat down with Thomas and walked him through his business proposal.

Norman previously told bunkered:

"I mean, we talked to JT [Justin Thomas]. Me and another member of my team, we sat down with him and gave him the full presentation and, if you notice, he's not said much negative about what we’re doing, presumably because he knows it and understands it." 

Elsewhere, embattled PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan has confirmed he will reward those who remained loyal, despite his stunning U-turn. 

Although some players want compensation despite reportedly never receiving an official LIV offer

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