Matthew Fitzpatrick does NOT want LIV Golf players to return to PGA Tour

Matthew Fitzpatrick thinks it would be "incredibly unfair" if the PGA Tour allows LIV Golf players to return. 

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Thu, 9 Mar 2023
Matt Fitzpatrick does NOT want LIV Golf players to return to PGA Tour

US Open champion Matthew Fitzpatrick has told Sky Sports Golf that he does not want to see LIV Golf players return to the PGA Tour and that he thinks it would be "incredibly unfair" if they were allowed to so in the future. 

Fitzpatrick, speaking ahead of The Players Championship at famed TPC Sawgrass, believes Tiger Woods would say exactly the same thing where potential LIV Golf player returns are concerned. 

The Englishman was speaking about the subject just 24 hours after PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan responded to the latest rumour doing the rounds. 

Fitzpatrick told Sky Sports Golf: 

"I would not let people come back if they've gone to LIV, you know, I just wouldn't. I think that's just incredibly unfair for the PGA Tour to do that. I would be staggered if they did allow them. I think if you spoke to Tiger Woods, I think he would probably have the same stance. I don't know what other guys would have, but you know, you've left a Tour that you've probably been on here, I'm talking of the top players, for so long and done so well, and now you've left for something that you think is better but maybe it's not always greener."

All PGA Tour members who have jumped ship to play in any LIV Golf tournament have been suspended from the Tour by Monahan. 

This decision came into immediate effect from the first LIV Golf event in England last June. 

Monahan's decision to ban PGA Tour members has meant LIV Golf's Cameron Smith is not able to return to defend his Players Championship title this week. 

Though he said Smith's omission from the flagship event of the PGA Tour season has made things "awkward"

Smith has said he might turn up anyway

But earlier this week, Golf Channel's Rex Hoggard reported how there could be way back onto the PGA Tour for those players experiencing buyer's remorse over on the Saudi-bankrolled LIV Golf League

Brooks Koepka is apparently one of them

But Monahan, who addressed the media ahead of The Players Championship on Tuesday, explained such a rumour was complete nonsense. 

At least for now. 

On LIV Golf players returning to compete on the PGA Tour, Monahan said: 

"I've been hearing that a lot lately and I'm not certain where that's coming from.
"The players that are playing on that tour are contractually obligated to play on that tour.
"So any hypotheticals at this point really aren't relevant.
"But our position, to answer your question directly, has not changed."

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