Outspoken PGA Tour pro busts huge (!) golf equipment myth

Outspoken golf pro Michael Kim has given an extensive look into his PGA Tour bag and busted an equipment myth about wedges. 

Outspoken PGA Tour pro busts huge (!) golf equipment myth
Outspoken PGA Tour pro busts huge (!) golf equipment myth

If you're not familiar with PGA Tour pro Michael Kim then you probably should be. 

The 30-year-old American has just shy of 70,000 followers on X but he is well worth a follow. 

Kim provides some gems into what life is like on tour.

Most recently he revealed one pro deliberately took a two-shot penalty despite being three inside the cut line. 

There was also the time he blasted the famed PGA National by describing the greens as having  'more sand than grass on them most of the time'. 

His latest? Well he's busted an equipment myth. Specifically, that more rust on your wedges gives you more spin. 

"Raw gives you the most spin since any finish will only make the grooves less deep," Kim claimed, according to the Titleist reps. 

Kim broke down his entire WITB and even dropped a few funny stories. 

Take, for example, the fact that Steve Stricker was implored in 2013 by a Titleist rep to switch from the 2007 version of the Pro V1. 

Titleist had stopped making the 2007 version and were going to run out. 

Stricker did change his golf ball for that season's Tour Championship and came second in the 30-man field. 

Despite the good result, Stricker, so the story goes, then asked the rep to send him 'all the 2007 you got'. Amazing. 

Let's take a look at Kim's WITB:

Golf ball: 2021 Pro V1 X

Driver: Callaway Triple Diamond

Putter: L.A.B. Golf Link

3-Wood: Titleist TSi2

3-Iron: Titleist T-200

Irons: Titleist T-200 

Iron shafts: Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM9

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