Renowned analyst thanks PGA Tour stars for telling LIV Golf to get stuffed

Renowned analyst Brandel Chamblee has praised PGA Tour stars Scottie Scheffler and Will Zalatoris for rejecting LIV Golf offers.

Renowned analyst thanks PGA Tour stars for telling LIV Golf to get stuffed
Renowned analyst thanks PGA Tour stars for telling LIV Golf to get stuffed

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee has praised Scottie Scheffler, Jordan Spieth and Will Zalatoris for telling LIV Golf 'to stuff' their eye-watering offers to leave the PGA Tour. 

Last week Chamblee revealed he was concerned reigning Masters champion Jon Rahm might be tempted to up sticks as he criticised Phil Mickelson once again after Lefty's latest claim about playing chess, not checkers. 

Now he has thanked the three Texans for turning down 'the crazy millions' to join LIV, which brought its 2024 season to a close over the weekend with a $50m team championship at Trump National Doral in Miami. 

Former PGA Tour player Chamblee also praised two rising PGA Tour stars. 

Both Piercescon and Coody Parker are said to have previously rejected offers from LIV

The youngsters are the grandchildren of former Masters champion Charles Coody. 

"I might be sitting on my couch with millions in my bank account watching my friends play on the PGA Tour," Piercescon previously said. "And that would've been devastating."

Chamblee wrote on X 'if we allow golf to be bought out by the Saudis, we will tacitly be supporting the subjugation of women'. 

He wrote: "As a Texan, I'm well aware of my bias, but bias withstanding, not enough can be said about the Texans who turned down the crazy millions to join LIV.

"Grateful to PGA Tour stars Scottie Scheffler and Jordan Spieth who helped ensure the history of the PGA Tour by turning down tens of millions, but especially to Will Zalatoris, who as an injured but rising potential superstar told the Saudis (MBS) to stuff their 130 million dollar offer because he wanted to be, not only on the right side of history, to create an inspiring legacy. 

"In addition to Zalatoris, the Coody brothers, Pierceson and Parker, turned down multimillion dollar and potentially life changing offers because they believed legacy has more currency than hypocrisy."

Chamblee finished his lengthy post by saying: "Golf is facing an existential threat that has far more implications than even the game of golf."

He was referring to the PGA Tour's framework agreement with LIV's backers, the Saudi PIF. 

The 31 December for the agreement to be ratified is looming large, but reports have suggested negotiations will be extended into the new year. 

Some tour players appear to believe the deal will not be made as it is too complicated. 

In that case, it has been suggested the North American circuit will have a war chest in excess of $2bn to battle LIV. 

A number of high-profile LIV targets have also joined TGL, the tech-fused golf league spearheaded by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy

That means its unlikely that roster will be raided for talent by the rival league. 

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