Dustin Johnson reveals "difficult" wedding task Paulina Gretzky gave him

Dustin Johnson reveals the "difficult" job Paulina Gretzky gave him to do for their glamorous wedding.

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Thu, 19 May 2022
Dustin Johnson reveals "difficult" wedding task Paulina Gretzky gave him

Dustin Johnson is a man of few words when it comes to press conferences. But we got a little nugget about his wedding this week. 

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Before he pegged it up in his first round at the PGA Championship at Southern Hills he was pressed on a few topics. 

They included how his game was, his thoughts on the absent Phil Mickelson and what life is like as a married man. 

Just this week his new wife posted a video on her Instagram page showing just how incredible their big day looked. 

It appeared that Johnson got choked up and was lost for words that won him so many fans when he won The Masters. 

Is DJ actually a big softie? Anyway, we learnt what he did for the wedding. And it only took 30 minutes of his time. The seating plan. 

Johnson was asked what the greater distraction in his life was. Being courted by Greg Norman and the Saudis or his big day. 

Dodging the Saudi part, Johnson said: "Neither. I mean, Paulina did an unbelievable job with the wedding.

"I really didn't have to do much. I helped for about half an hour with the seating chart. That was about it. That was my whole contribution." 

He said that job was difficult, adding: "Well, just putting people like at tables, like who do you want to sit together. I don't know."

Johnson was paired with Patrick Cantlay and Justin Thomas for his first two rounds of the PGA Championship. 

Before he left his press conference he was asked - again - about the developments of the LIV Golf Invitational Series. 

Johnson previously released a statement committing to the PGA Tour at the same time Mickelson's comments blew up. 

How does Johnson view the current scene? 

"I mean, I think golf is in a good spot, and I think what they're [LIV Golf] doing is -- could potentially be good for the game of golf.

"I'm excited to see what happens here in a few weeks." So what does that mean? "I'll be watching," said Johnson. 

Only England's Richard Bland has publicly said he will be playing and accepting what consequences may come his way. 

If he gets banned, then he gets banned, the former British Masters champion told the media before the PGA Championship. 


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