Cameron Smith says LIV criticism "bizarre" as he claims OWGR "conflicted"

Cameron Smith has weighed in on the OWGR debate at LIV Golf Jeddah, where the Australian suggested the governing body is "conflicted".

Cameron Smith says LIV criticism "bizarre" as he claims OWGR "conflicted"
Cameron Smith says LIV criticism "bizarre" as he claims OWGR "conflicted"

Cameron Smith says criticism of LIV Golf is "ironic" as he suggested the governing body that awards world ranking points is "conflicted". 

Speaking to the Australian Associated Press in Jeddah, where the breakaway tour is playing the penultimate event of their inaugural season, the Australian said "reconciliation" is the way forward but that is being hampered by those that "own golf". 

Smith officially joined the Saudi-financed enterprise in August, weeks after he claimed the 150th Open Championship at St Andrews and competed in the PGA Tour's FedEx Cup Playoffs. 

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Cameron Smith says LIV criticism

He is said to have commanded a signing-on fee in the region of $140m and he has already tasted victory on the circuit at LIV's invitational in Chicago.

Smith is the team captain of an-all Australian side and reportedly was buoyed by the "franchise" element of LIV. 

Now Smith has told AAP that he dreams of "free movement" in the game of professional golf where players are able to participate in LIV Golf events and on the DP World Tour, PGA Tour and beyond. 

That dream has been seen by LIV critics as players having their cake and eating it.

There is so much money at stake and it seems scarcely believable that the PGA Tour, led by Jay Monahan, will buckle and let their biggest stars tee it up for a rival. 

Smith was asked if reconciliation was the way forward. 

"[Reconciliation] is definitely the way it's gone in other sports [such as Indian Premier League, Super League and World Series Cricket]," Smith told AAP.

Smith also addressed the situation regarding LIV Golf getting their much-desired world ranking points. 

Currently LIV players are sliding down the Official World Golf Rankings and at the current rate this will ultimately make it impossible for them to qualify for golf's four major championships unless they play on alternative tours. 

Fellow LIV player Patrick Reed says he's currently "getting hammered" in the rankings as he lashed out in Jeddah. 

LIV Golf announced a "strategic alliance" with the MENA Tour last week and confirmed all of their players are now members. 

Such a move bolstered confidence that LIV would immediately be awarded world ranking points. 

But the governing body said they would review the changes. LIV critics had suggested Norman was attempting to pull a fast one. 

Cameron Smith says LIV criticism

"I don't see how it benefits professional golf to have a league of players like us ... who aren't getting world ranking points," Smith said. 

"It's very bizarre and doesn't offer a lot of credit to the ranking system if the best players in the world aren't getting points.

"I'm definitely not a politician and I'm far from the smartest guy on LIV league ... but I guess it [criticism of playing in Saudi Arabia] is a little bit ironic.

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"We're here trying to grow the game of golf, create different pathways for a lot of different guys. I think it's a bit unfair to say there's only one or two tours that you can make a career on.

"[LIV Golf] is just a different thing. As time goes on it'll be perceived in a different way and we can move and start playing golf."

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