The hoops this LIV critic wants 'rebels' to jump through before PGA Tour return

One of the LIV Golf League's biggest critics has an idea if some of the 'rebels' really do want to return to the PGA Tour.

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Thu, 9 Mar 2023
The hoops this LIV critic wants 'rebels' to jump through before PGA Tour return

Should LIV Golf League players be allowed back on the PGA Tour?

Whether PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan likes it or not, this is a question that he will likely have to face at some point. 

There have been some rumblings that some players who have bolted have buyer's remorse

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That, of course, is merely just speculation but the topic has been on the agenda at The Players this week. 

Just ask Matthew Fitzpatrick, who thinks it will be unfair to let the LIV players back in. 

Fitzpatrick blasted: "I just wouldn't [let them back]. I think that's just incredibly unfair for the PGA Tour to do that." 

Another player, Max Homa, admitted he would be frustrated at the defectors returning but ultimately believes it will be a good thing. 

"I miss those guys," Homa said as he explained Bryson DeChambeau was one of the most interesting players to ever swing a golf club. 

As does Rickie Fowler, who has told Golf Channel

"I don't know what that looks like, but I would say there should be [a route back]. 
"The Tour was never created to be closed off. Now there may be, whether there are suspensions or a period of time where they may not be able to try [to rejoin].
"But I think there should always be a way back in." 

Fowler, who has looked like he is slowly returning to form in 2023, previously stated he was torn over the decision to join LIV. 

Before the 2022 U.S. Open at The Country Club at Brookline, Fowler told the media that he hadn't made his mind up one way or the other. 

Earlier in the week PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan said his position had not changed on this topic. 

"Every player has a choice, and I respect their choice, but they've made it. We've made ours," Monahan said as he defended the sweeping changes to the 2024 designated events that look an awful lot like their rival

"Have them come to PGA Tour headquarters"

One of LIV's harshest critics is Billy Horschel

Horschel went on an extraordinary rant during a pre-tournament press conference at the Genesis Scottish Open. 

The American claimed a lot of the LIV players were hypocrites and outright lying

"I can't stand to sit here and be diplomatic about it," he said. 


It's interesting to note that Phil Mickelson previously 'liked' a Twitter post suggesting Horschel previously approached LIV Golf about joining, asking for a $50m fee. 

That, of course, is unsubstantiated. 

Still, Horschel has an idea for those that want to return. Make them apologise at PGA Tour HQ. 

He told Golf Channel:

"If I was in charge, I'd say yes, there’s a path back. But you're going to have to jump through some hoops.
"Have them come to PGA Tour headquarters and have them address all the employees.
"At least for the players who said things that weren't true about the Tour or sued [the Tour]." 

What do you make of all this? Should LIV players be allowed back? Tweet us your thoughts. 

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