Bubba Watson on epic shot: "Nobody on the planet would have tried that"

Bubba Watson explained what exactly went down when he played an incredible recovery shot at The Masters.

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Sat, 9 Apr 2022
Bubba Watson on epic shot: "Nobody on the planet would have tried that"

Bubba Watson is a bit of an escape artist at Augusta National when he plays The Masters. 

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It was 10 years ago in a sudden death playoff that he hit the best shot of his professional career when he manufactured a wedge around the trees from the pine straw.

That moment, as we all know, led to the first of two green jackets for the creative left-hander. 

During Friday's second round of the 2022 Masters, Watson said he actually topped that moment with the greatest golf shot he has ever hit. And was so giddy about it. 

The scene was the 18th hole and Watson found himself deep in the pines again way, way right of the fairway. There was just nothing on. 

What made it all the more worse, was that a piece of a fallen tree branch was sitting on top of his ball along with a few leaves. 

Watson told the media he removed the leaf very carefully after a short discussion with the rules official. 

Then he took his address after spotting a gap up in the trees. It was miniscule but Watson just wanted to pump a wedge as hard as he could. He was 138 yards away. 

Watson explained what he saw through the trees: "I knew roughly the number, so trying to get to the fairway, so I have a chance for par. That's what I was looking at.

"It came out. Because of that lie and because of the tree branch, because of the leaves -- these were big, thick leaves -- it caught a flier. It caught like a knuckler.

"It went straight up, and then a gust from the Gods flew. It was a pitching wedge from 138 as high as I could hit it, and somehow it went a foot from the hole.

"They all said, 'good shot,' the guys I was playing with. I said, 'where did it go?'"

Watson was asked about the shot he hit this week compared to that shot all those years ago. 

Did it beat that? 

Watson said: "Well, yes. Physical shot, yes. Nobody in the world would have tried that shot that I tried.

"There's nobody on the planet that would have tried it. We can sit here and they can tell me they would try it.

"There's nobody that would have tried it. I don't believe could have pulled it off.

"I caught a flier, drew a pitching wedge. Hit it as high as I could hit it. Yeah, situation-wise, the hook was better, but I'm just saying physical golf shot?

"Even that year in '12 there was a shot on 11 and shot on 17 that I thought was better than the hook, but the hook was what helped me -- helped the victory.

"At that moment, yeah, it was the best shot, obviously."

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