Best Golf Balls 2020 Showcase

Take a look at what we believe are the best golf balls on the market right now.

Best Golf Balls 2020 Showcase
Best Golf Balls 2020 Showcase

With golf in the UK well and truly back up-and-running, thousands of golfers have been hitting the courses and most likely losing a few balls along the way, so maybe it's time to stock up on some more.

Some golfers aren't really too fussed about which golf balls they use on the course, with many people happy to play with the one they just found in the rough, but having the right golf ball can make all the difference to your game.

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Yes, new golf balls can be expensive, but let's face it, golf is an expensive sport, so if you're happy spending your money on new clubs then you should be happy to spend it on the right balls, because they're important.

So let's take a look at what GolfMagic believes are the best golf balls on the market this year.

TaylorMade TP5 pix

Best Golf Balls 2020 Showcase

When Rickie Fowler - one of the best short game players on the PGA Tour - switched from Titleist to TaylorMade, it was a huge statement and goes to show how far TaylorMade has come with golf balls.

In our opinion, TaylorMade are now THE best golf ball brand on the market and we absolutely love the new TP5 pix golf balls, which Fowler himself helped design.



The TP5 ball produces a medium-to-high launch and has an extremely soft feel, combined with the Clear Path Alignment technology of the new pix ball to provide golfers with responsive feedback on the roll of their putts.


VICE Pro Plus

Best Golf Balls 2020 Showcase

Brand new for 2020!

When it comes to golf balls, VICE Golf produce the best value for money balls on the market.

You can't buy VICE balls in pro shops, they're only available online, so by cutting out the middle man as such they are able to offer seriously good golf balls at a very fair price.

The Pro Plus is the brand's most elite golf ball and it's not far off the quality of a TaylorMade TP5.

The newly designed, size-increased High Energy Speed Core (HESC) with higher compression rewards high swing speeds with more ball speed and thereby more driver distance. 

Its thicker outer mantle features a newly developed, highly versatile ionomer material to combine the advantages of high elasticity for increased carry distance and ball speed as well as soft feel.


Callaway Chrome Soft X

Best Golf Balls 2020 Showcase

The new Callaway Chrome Soft X is the modern Tour Ball, and the brand has reengineered every aspect of the design to deliver maximum distance for the elite player.

High speed core design is significantly larger for increased ball speed and distance through the bag. This core also works with the mantle system to deliver the highest resilience and speed.

An entirely new mantle system for increased ball speed. The Soft Inner Mantle and a highly resilient Firm Outer Mantle work together to generate increased ball speed off the club face. This innovative system is specifically created to increase total distance.

Extremely durable, resilient, and thinner cover material increases ball speed and creates lower spin on full shots, while maintaining high spin and control around the green.


Wilson Staff Duo

Best Golf Balls 2020 Showcase

As a golf brand, Wilson are one of the most underrated brands around. Not only do these guys make high-quality golf clubs (they have more major victories than any other brand) but they make seriously good golf balls!

At less than £30 per dozen, the Wilson Duo Professional balls are one of the most affordable balls on the market and they produce fantastic results.

At 60 compression, Duo Professional takes urethane cover technology to new heights, blending tour-level performance with the brand's best-feeling player's ball. 


Callaway E.R.C SOFT

Best Golf Balls 2020 Showcase

ERC Soft has completely reinvented how a distance ball performs with its new innovative Hybrid Cover. This multi-material cover creates an exceptional combination of faster ball speeds for longer distance, incredibly soft feel, and noticeably higher spin for excellent control around the green.

Triple Track technology has proved to be a huge hit for Callaway and golfers are loving how easy it helps you visualise putts.


TaylorMade TP5x

Best Golf Balls 2020 Showcase

We couldn't include the TaylorMade TP5 without including the TP5x, which offers golfers a slightly different option depending on how you want your golf ball to perform.

The TP5x produces a higher trajectory than the TP5, but with a more piercing flight, due to it spinning ever so slightly less. The TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x golf balls are in our opinion the best performing balls on the market, but which one you prefer is a personal choice depending on your game.


Titleist Pro V1

Best Golf Balls 2020 Showcase

The latest Pro V1 golf ball from Titleist, has been designed to be faster from core to cover, to deliver even more performance for every player including professionals.

The golf ball features a new Spherically-Tiled 352 Tetrahedral dimple design, with a 17% thinner cast Urethane Elastomer™ cover system. The ball also includes an improved 2.0 ZG Process Core and new casing layer which increases ball speed and lowers long game spin, all of which will provide the superior performance you require on every shot.

The Titleist Pro V1 has been made to the highest quality of standards to ensure long lasting durability, and every element has been formulated to work together to give you a high-performance golf ball, from tee to green.


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