PGA boss reveals what he said to Brooks Koepka in viral moment: "He cracked up!"

Seth Waugh has revealed what was said to Brooks Koepka. 

PGA boss reveals what he said to Brooks Koepka in viral moment: "He cracked up!"
PGA boss reveals what he said to Brooks Koepka in viral moment: "He…

Not too soon after Brooks Koepka claimed the PGA Championship, there was a moment that left the LIV Golf player somewhat befuddled. 

It involved Koepka standing alongside the Wanamaker and posing for pictures at Oak Hill with PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh. 

Golf fans were quick to speculate what was said between the pair as Koepka cracked up and Waugh quickly dashed out of frame. 

Did Waugh say something funny about the breakaway tour? Something pointed about the Saudi-backed league? What was the wisecrack? 

Well, now we have some clarity as Waugh - who has been fairly critical of LIV Golf and sits in the awkward position of being a board member of the Official World Golf Ranking - has told Golf Channel exactly what made Koepka laugh so heartedly. 

Remind yourself of the moment here:

"I literally said to him, 'I think they have four million pictures of me. They must have 24 million pictures of you. I've never seen one of them and I don't know if you ever have.
"He cracked up, he laughed and we kind a turned around and smiled at each other. That was it. Somebody chose to think that was a diss and I hadn't shaken his hand. I already talked to him five times since he won. I certainly shook his hand and told him how proud I was of him."

There was a reason why golf fans were quick to speculate what was said. 

Speaking to The Times before the major, he questioned the future of LIV Golf and their business model. 

PGA boss reveals what he said to Brooks Koepka in viral moment:

"There are certain parts of their structure that can be solved by math, but there may be some pretty fundamental things that are harder.
"There's the potential conflict with the team aspect and then access—how do you get relegated and promoted?
"They had our latest response weeks ago and we haven't heard back. They have made a bad assumption that this will be a quick process. It never has been.
"Every application has taken a year-plus as far as I'm aware. I can't speculate [on how long it will take] because they have not responded.
"They might have to solve things as well, and it's not clear whether they're willing to." - PGA of America CEO on LIV Golf

Still, Waugh confirmed he was happy for Koepka after the 33-year-old held off Viktor Hovland to claim his fifth major in New York. 

"It couldn't be sillier or further from the truth and everybody is trying to make it into this LIV thing which it's got nothing to do with," Waugh added. 

If you haven't caught up yet, Koepka is on an epic victory tour. 

He egged on an NHL star to chug beer out of the Wanamaker not too soon after he was pictured in this crazy state at a Florida Panthers game.

Koepka was also pictured courtside at a Miami Heat game with his glamorous wife Jena Sims

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The partying will have to stop soon, though, as the golfer heads to his next event: LIV Golf Washington

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