Best Golf Irons for Low Handicappers 2024

GolfMagic reveals everything you need to know about the best irons for low handicappers in 2024

Best Irons for Low Handicap Golfers
Best Irons for Low Handicap Golfers

Specifically designed with elite ball strikers in mind, irons for low handicap golfers are built to offer best in class, feel consistency and workability. 

While these irons may not deliver the forgiveness on offer from the best game improvement irons of 2024, they deliver stunning aesthetics, remarkable craftsmanship and the level of performance demanded by the best players in the world, including Rory McIlroy and Brooks Koepka

All of the biggest brands in the game offer low handicap irons, with the likes of PING, Srixon, Titleist, TaylorMade and Callaway all producing some of the best models in the business.

In order to help you pick which might be the best irons for you, we've searched far and wide to test the best options on the market to give you the buying advice you deserve. 

Our expert tester, Alex Lodge, a single-figure handicap golfer, has been GolfMagic's Equipment Editor for a number of years now, and he has tested thousands of different golf products during his time with us.

All the new golf Irons featured in our guide have been put through their paces on the golf course and range at the La Hacienda Links Course, as well as in a studio at Custom Golf Works using a GC Quad launch monitor.

Equipment Editor Alex Lodge
Equipment Editor Alex Lodge

Our mission, as always, is to help you get the most out of your game and shoot lower scores at a price that is right for you.

To whet your appetite for our best low handicap irons test 2024 below, here's a quick look at GolfMagic Editor Alex Lodge's average numbers with each of the irons (Six irons) tested. 

Best irons for low handicap golfers
Best irons for low handicap golfers

Best irons for low handicappers in 2024

Some of the latest golf irons deliver outstanding feel, while plenty provide distance and accuracy.

But only a small selection have it all. 

Let’s take a look at what we consider to be the very best irons for low handicap golfers in 2024, starting with our favourite of the lot:

PING Blueprint S
PING Blueprint S
PING Blueprint S

 Key Features

  • Elastomer insert: concealed in the pocket of the irons, ensuring the solid feel and sound expected in a forged player iron
  • Precision Pocket Forging: forged into the cavity of the 3, 4 and 5 irons. The pocket saves 10 grams of weight, which is reallocated to increase the MOI and optimise the centre of gravity position for more distance and trajectory control.
  • Forged 8620 carbon steel head: provides premium levels of feel and performance

Price: £1,129


  • One of the best-looking irons of 2024
  • Incredibly consistent performance
  • Lovely forged feel


  • Mis-hits suitably punished in terms of feel
  • chrome strip may not be to everyone's taste

The Blueprint S irons by PING target better players seeking a forged players iron with enhanced forgiveness. Designed with inspiration from PING's renowned “S” series, these irons boast a sleek appearance and a well-crafted cavity back profile.

The irons feature a short blade length, appealing primarily to elite players. The satin and chrome finish combined with the cavity back design combine for one of the best looking irons of 2024. While minimal offset and a sharp topline may be intimidating, they align with the demands of Tour feedback.

The feel of the irons has markedly improved, offering a soft sensation on well-struck shots. Tour pros swiftly adopting these irons speaks volumes about their performance. They excel in workability, consistency, and turf interaction, which allowed us to shape shots and control spin effectively during testing.

While distance isn't the primary focus of a players iron, these deliver bags of power and provided us optimal gapping throughout the set. 

Their balanced blend of power, spin, and workability makes them formidable on the course. With multiple Tour winners already trusting them, the Blueprint S irons are our top pick in the category for 2024.

For superior ball strikers seeking an upgrade, these irons should be a top consideration. Their combination of aesthetics, feel, and performance makes them stand our favourite irons for low handicappers in 2024.


Srixon ZX7
Srixon ZX7
Srixon ZX7 MKII

Key Features

  • PureFrame: an 80% thicker portion of 1020 Carbon Steel strategically placed right where you strike the ball, delivering an enhanced impact feel
  • Tour profile: features a muscle-back cavity for maximum workability and a razor-sharp look at address
  • Tour V.T. Sole: combination of sole widths, bounce angles, and notches designed to deliver ideal turf interaction

Price: £899


  • The improved V.T. Sole makes for the best turf interaction we have seen in an iron
  • They have a smooth, buttery feel 
  • Sleek, modern looks
  • One of the longest players irons we have tested


  • Generous offset may not suit the eye of the better player

Perhaps the most underrated iron brand in the game, Srixon are in our eyes one of the undisputed heavy hitters in the category.

The ZX7s are our second favourite irons for low handicappers in 2024, thanks to their beautiful feel, ample forgiveness and distinguished looks. 

Used by both Brooks Koepka and Shane Lowry the ZX7s offer everything you could want from an iron designed for low handicap golfers. 

The profile looks fantastic behind the ball, the feel out of the middle is buttery soft, and the workability is arguably unbeatable. 

It was honestly a very tough decision to pick the PING Blueprint S irons over the ZX7s, and if we could have picked a joint winner, then the ZX7s would be stood atop the podium too. 

The one small negative we could pick from these irons was that the additional offset may not appeal to the eye of the scratch golfer, and it was that small detail that stopped these irons taking top spot.

The margins are fine, but when low handicappers make their decisions, it's the details that count. 

All in all the ZX7s are a fantastic set of irons, and we would highly recommend any low handicap player to test them out if considering upgrading in the near future.


Callaway Apex CB
Callaway Apex CB
Callaway Apex CB

Key Features

  • Body and face forged as one-piece: with 1025 carbon steel to produces a buttery soft feel at impact
  • Strategically placed MIM weights: create a perfectly balanced design for enhanced workability
  • Dynamic sole design: engineered to improve turf interaction with a pre-worn leading and trailing edge

Price: £1,109


  • Excellent forgiveness for an iron aimed at elite ball strikers
  • The polished satin finish looks beautiful in hand and at address
  • Blend seamlessly with MB and Pro ranges


  • Noticeable wear on the face and back after only a few rounds

With a slightly thinner topline and weaker lofts than Callaway's Apex Pro irons, the CBs are best suited to truly elite ball strikers.

The tour cavity back design is an update to the Apex TCB that has been incredibly popular with the world's best players, most notably Jon Rahm.

The compact blade length and thin profile look beautiful behind the ball, albeit a little intimidating to us mere mortals, but in the hands of a low single-digit to scratch handicapper, it will look just right. 

Similar in looks to both the MB and Pro irons, the CBs have a polished satin finish with the back featuring a shallow cavity with a textured design.

Struck from the middle, these irons produce that buttery soft feel you can expect from a fully forged head, and even on mis-hits, while there is more feedback, you don't get that stingy sensation that can often come from a pure blade.

Improved turf interaction was one of the key areas of development for these irons, and they do move beautifully through the ground. Taking healthy divots, the sole glides effortlessly through the turf for an all-around excellent striking experience. 


Titleist T100
Titleist T100
Titleist T100

Key Features

  • Dual-cavity forged construction features an updated back bar, designed to produce a more solid feel at impact
  • Using dense D18 tungsten and a 2000 degrees aerospace brazing process, Titleist's engineers have eliminated weld points to be ultra-precise with CG placement
  • Precision CNC face milling process delivers more control and consistency in ball flight
  • Improved variable bounce sole with a smoother and softer trailing edge

Price: £1,071


  • One of the best-looking irons Titleist has made
  • Super solid feel at impact
  • Most forgiving player's irons we have tested this year


  •  Require elite ball striking in order to maximise carry distance and ball speed

Considered Titleist's modern Tour iron, the sleek T100 irons are clearly designed for the better player. Featuring minimal offset and a thin topline (particularly in the longer irons), these irons have a refined profile that will suit the eye of better ball strikers.

A significant aesthetic change sees the classic Titleist logo placed in the centre of the back of the club. This might not seem like much of a change to some, but when you compare it to the previous iteration, it's clear that there has been a big improvement in looks.

From the testing at Titleist's national performance centre, we were impressed with the consistent turf interaction we received from the T100s. The variable bounce sole is a big improvement from the 2021 model, and this was very noticeable through impact.

Although these irons are not designed for forgiveness, the spin consistency stuck out on off-centre strikes. We were still able to maintain spin above 6000 RPM on strikes that were off-centre. With other irons, we've tested, this variance was far greater.

To be expected from Titleist, the feel of these clubs was fantastic. The fully forged construction felt soft out of the centre, and even when struck out of the toe or heel, we were impressed with in hand sensation we experienced.

Typically opting to use more of a player's distance iron, we did notice a drop off in ball speed and carry distance with the T100 irons, but what we gained was a much more consistent ball flight with greater spin control and accuracy. 


TaylorMade P7MC
TaylorMade P7MC
TaylorMade P7MC

Key Features

  • Thin topline and progressive offset for a clean look at address
  • Narrow sole and tight leading edge to ensure consistency through the turf
  • Forged using a 2,000-ton press ensuring a more sole and consistent feel
  • Machined face and grooves provide you a player iron able to hit all different types of shot

Price: £1,079


  • The best feeling player iron in the game
  • Fantastic workability for those who like to shape the ball
  • One of the most forgiving player's irons 


  • Performance increase from previous iteration is minimal

The new TaylorMade P7MCs are extremely impressive. The smoothness of connection you receive from out the middle of the club face is very satisfying indeed.

They are very workable irons and so we would 100% recommend them to better players.

We would also recommend these irons as an upgrade if you still possess the old P7MCs.

It is clear to us that the Compact Grain Forging has helped to produce an iron which feels consistently solid from the middle of the club face. Feel is certainly a buzzword with these irons and it's certainly where they excel.

Although they don't deliver blistering distance, they do possess a surprising amount of forgiveness, and their workability will impress better players who are confident shaping the golf ball. 


Cobra King Tour
Cobra King Tour
 Cobra King Tour

Key Features

  • Updated tour shape: a slightly shortened blade length designed to inspire improved control and workability
  • 5-Step forged: adding an additional step to the traditional 4-step forged process provides a more uniform grain structure and precise head shape
  • CNC Milled Undercuts: placed in the back of each iron, the undercuts allow weight to be relocated for a lower CG and improved launch
  • TPU Inserts: filling the cavity at the back of the club, the TPU material topped with an aluminium co-mould medallion reduces vibrations for improved sound and feel

Price: £1099


  • Great consistency on distance even with mishits
  • Sleek profile looks fantastic behind the ball for players who prefer a thin top line
  • High launch allows for good stopping power on the greens


  • There are better looking irons in the category

The Cobra King Tour irons offer a blend of sleek design, power, and forgiveness, making them suitable for golfers ranging from scratch to a 7-handicap. 

Despite a potentially intimidating appearance at address, these irons really impressed during testing, offering excellent carry distances even on off-centre strikes. 

Featuring minimal offset and a thin top line, the irons boast a refined profile, appealing to those seeking a Tour iron aesthetic. The five-step forging process ensures a hot feel off the face with noticeable feedback on off-centre strikes, while CNC milled undercuts optimise weight distribution for high launch and quick stopping power.

Considering their sleek looks, performance, and reasonable price point, the Cobra King Tour irons emerge as a strong contender in the market, and are one of the contenders for the most underrated iron of 2024. 

Overall, these irons blend the best of Tour aesthetics with power and forgiveness, making them a worthy consideration for golfers seeking a powerful player's iron.


Wilson Staff Model CB
Wilson Staff Model CB
Wilson Staff Model CB

Key Features

  • Fluid Feel Hosel: designed for a more flowing feel and look at address
  • Precision Toe Weighting: allowing for better alignment of the CG to the centre of the face and expanding the impact area, while allowing for maximum forgiveness
  • Forged 8620 Carbon Steel: ensures ultimate feedback and a precise sensation at impact

Price: £859


  • Updated design is a huge improvement on previous models
  • Blend seamlessly with Staff Model Blades
  • Consistently solid performance


  • Slightly clicky sound and feel at impact

Wilson has released two new models in the players category this year, the CBs and a new set of Staff Model blades. 

While both impressed us during testing, we believe the CBs are the superior set due to their versatility and the range of players that could use them.

One of the key areas of improvement on the new CBs is the face lift they have been given. A new badge and updated profile makes them one of the best looking irons in the category. 

In terms of performance, these irons were very consistent and produced excellent distance numbers and spin rates. From across the face these irons provide a touch more forgiveness than the blades, which was another key factor in why they've made this list. 

We did experience a slightly clicky feel and sound at impact, which was the only key negative we picked up in our review, however despite that we still believe considering their price point, improved aesthetics and solid performance, the Staff Model CBs are without a doubt one of the best player's irons on the market in 2024. 


PXG 0317T Irons
PXG 0317T Irons
PXG 0317 T 

Key Features

  • S Cor polymer fill: Increases spin performance for improved consistency and distance control
  • Hollow-bodied thin face design: designed to increase perimeter weighting, boost MOI, and improve forgiveness
  • Precision weighting: large centre weight can be used to achieve optimal swing weight
  • Precision milled face and back: every line designed to exact specifications for enhanced aesthetics
  • 3x forged: from 8620 soft steel for tight grain structure, increased strength, and enhanced overall feel and sound

Price: £1,129


  • Outstanding levels of forgiveness
  • Sleek milled design
  • Compact head looks great at address


  • Slightly lower than optimal ball flight
  • Not the best feeling iron we've tested this year

The PXG 0317 T irons, positioned between the 0317 CBs and GEN6 0311 P Irons, blend Tour performance with forgiveness akin to the TaylorMade P790 and workability of the Callaway Apex CB. 

Featuring innovative technology like S COR polymer fill and precision weighting, these irons offer a unique balance of forgiveness, aesthetics, and performance. 

Testing revealed their suitability for low handicappers and those seeking enhanced playability. Visually, the irons impress with milled detailing and a split design on the back, providing a confidence-inspiring look. 

While the feel might not match other models, the forgiveness stands out, with shots maintaining distance and trajectory remarkably well even on mis-hits. 

Despite lower spin rates, the consistent performance and impressive forgiveness make them a solid choice. 

With excellent distance and stunning aesthetics, the PXG 0317 T irons are an ideal choice for golfers desiring a sleek player's iron with added forgiveness. 


Ben Hogan PTx Tour Irons
Ben Hogan PTx Tour Irons
 Ben Hogan PTx Tour 

Key Features

  • Individual iron optimisation: each iron has been specifically designed for optimal performance, with a variety of constructions and weights used throughout the set
  • 1025 Carbon steel construction: delivers outstanding feel
  • V Sole: high-bounce leading edge and soft, lower-bounce trailing edge on the sole for improved turf interaction

Price: £699


  • Delightful forged feel at impact
  • Traditional design looks superb in hand and at address
  • Reasonable price provides excellent value


  • Occasional inconsistencies in launch from the mid irons

The Ben Hogan PTx Tour Irons cater to skilled ball strikers with low handicaps, offering a blend of traditional design and modern performance. 

Featuring a  chrome finish with classic Hogan detailing, the set showcases a bladed profile in the scoring clubs and a minimal cavity in the longer irons, maintaining a tour-level appearance throughout. 

The soft sensation at impact, typical of forged irons, provides consistent feedback across the set. Performance-wise, the irons offer remarkable workability, especially in the scoring clubs, with consistent spin rates and stopping power on greens. 

However, occasional ballooning in longer irons may pose a challenge. Despite this, the forgiveness is notable, aided by foam injection and perimeter weighting, making them easier to launch. 

Overall, they excel in distance, feel, and forgiveness, making them a solid choice for players seeking a traditional look with modern performance. With their direct-to-consumer model, Ben Hogan also offers excellent value compared to larger brands.


Equipment Editor Alex Lodge
Equipment Editor Alex Lodge

How we test golf irons

GolfMagic tests irons both indoors and outdoors.

All testing is led by our Equipment Editor Alex Lodge, a single-figure handicap golfer. 

To test irons in both settings is very important because one provides us with statistical data and one provides a real-life experience on the golf course.

Testing irons in an indoor studio, such as Gray’s Golf, is important because this is how we discover the differences between old models and new models. We find out what improvements have been made and ultimately why we should spend our money on these clubs.

Whether it is launch angle, ball speed or overall distance, we use data gathered from the indoor environment to gather pros and cons about all iron sets.

But it is also important to hit the irons out on the golf course. We need to feel these new irons interact with the turf and gain a view of how they perform in real-life situations.

We hit these irons both from wooden tees and off the deck. We want to give you accurate reports on how these irons perform and which golfers they are aimed at to ensure you spend your money wisely.

Learn more about how we test golf equipment

PING Blueprint S
PING Blueprint S

What is a player's iron?

Player irons, or better player irons as they are also known, are usually built with precision and feel in mind for players who want an added feature of workability in their game.

With a player's iron, they often feel and look like a blade, but they also come with a little forgiveness which helps ball-striking and accuracy.

If the aim of your game is to control your ball flight and work the ball in the air, you should definitely consider buying a set.

They suit low handicappers and confident ball strikers.

Better player irons usually feature a thin sole with a thin top line too which slightly reduces forgiveness.

Game-improvement irons are much easier to hit. But the feel is often reduced. 

Wilson Staff Model CB
Wilson Staff Model CB

Things to consider with your irons

Moment of Inertia (MOI)

This term refers to the behaviour of our club face and how the club resists opening and closing. It is a measurement of a club’s resistance to twisting.

A high MOI golf club will be more forgiving than a low MOI golf club because it will be less likely to twist by the time the face connects with the ball.

When your club face hits the ball from the heel and the toe, this causes the club to twist and this ends in a loss of distance in most instances.

High MOI makes the club more resistant to twisting and increases the success and quality of off-centre strikes.

Centre of gravity (CG)

This term is the point in the club head where the weight is concentrated and balanced. This is usually found in the middle of the club head.

The centre of gravity is placed lower in the club head in bladed and player’s irons which is why it is so hard to hit these clubs. This is because if the CG is off-centre, this puts more side spin on the ball.

Players with high handicaps or slower swing speeds are suited to irons with a higher CG. These details essentially summarise why it is so important to be custom fitted and in possession of all the facts.

Loft and lie

Loft refer to the angle of each of your irons. This is fairly straightforward. For example, the most lofted club you can get your hands on is a 64-degree wedge and at the other end of the spectrum, you can buy drivers of eight or nine degrees.

The lie in an iron refers to the angle made by the line of the bottom of the shaft and the ground. A club with more lie has a shaft that points towards the ground at a steep angle.

The lie can impact how steep your swing is. A high lie angle could cause you to stand closer to the ball than an iron with a lower lie angle.

If you have a steep swing plane, you will want more lie in your irons. If you have a steep swing plane, this is suited to irons with a lower lie.

An indication of the correct feel of your irons is simple. If you look down at address and the bottom of the club is lying perfectly flat and the middle is facing the target, then this is the lie for you.

If your irons lie at an angle where the heel or the toe hits the ground before the middle of the club face, this is when your ball flights can be skewed. Once again, this is another feature that can be altered in custom fitting.

Sound and feel

The feel of your irons is very important. Regardless of whether you find the middle of the club face, you want a buttery feel from the irons and a satisfying connection.

Many features can contribute to the feel of your irons such as the type of shaft, the grip and the materials used in the club head.

The sound of your irons might not seem like an important aspect, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on your new collection and have them sound like a frying pan.

It is a feature that can become annoying if you play a lot of golf. When you hit an iron out the middle and the ball is soaring towards the hole, the last thing you want is the echo of a horrible sound that lingers each time.

Which irons are in your bag this season? What do you make of our results? Share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels or come and visit us over on the GolfMagic YouTube Channel where you can check out all of our latest reviews. 

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