What does LIV mean? What does it stand for? Here's everything you need to know

The LIV Golf Invitational Series very rarely finds itself out of the headlines these days, but what does the name mean and what does it stand for?

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Fri, 5 Aug 2022
What does LIV mean? What does it stand for? Here's everything you need to know

There has been plenty of discussion about the LIV Golf Invitational Series.

And while everyone is familiar with the source of the money thanks to the accusations of sportswashing, not everyone is familiar with the name. 

Where did LIV Golf come from? What does it mean? 

It may seem like it's an acronym, but in actual fact LIV is the Roman numeral for 54. 

It's important for two reasons. Greg Norman, the LIV Golf Investments chief executive, previously explained the meaning in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Norman said: "It is the Roman numeral for 54, which has two meanings: 54 is the lowest score you could shoot if you were to birdie every hole on a par 72 course, so there is an aspirational aspect to the thinking. It is also the number of holes to be played in each event." 

LIV Golf have also outlined a bonus scheme whereby if one of its players shoots this number in one of their events, then they will be rewarded with a bonus check of $54million. 

This news was outlined by Yasir Othman Al-Rumayyan, the governor of the Public Investment Fund, which is bankrolling the series, after the first LIV Golf event at Centurion Club just outside of London which was won by South African Charl Schwartzel, where he claimed $4.75million. 

Hilariously, in response to the threat of LIV Golf, the PGA Tour announced increases to their prize purses in 2023-2024 by $54 million.

The second reason is that 54 relates to the series' format. Every LIV Golf event in the inaugural season is played over 54 holes in a shotgun start.

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Traditionally, golf tournaments are played over 72 holes in a stroke play format. 

One of the reasons LIV Golf have done this is to try and change the viewing experience for the consumer. 

At present, if you're going to watch another tournament on the PGA Tour, DP World Tour or indeed any of the majors, then the coverage can last more than 10 hours. 

Do you really want to sit and watch golf for that long? LIV Golf's tag line is "Don't Blink". 

With LIV Golf, the action is promised to be thick and fast. Everyone starts at the same time on different holes and finishes in close proximity to each other. 

It also could be argued in some ways it is fair for the entire field. Everyone is playing at the same time, meaning there is no morning wave and afternoon wave with different weather conditions leading to vastly different scores.

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The 54-hole format is also a key component in trying to target a younger generation. 

They clearly want to get the kids coming to the events, watching online via streams and also buying into the team element that they have introduced. 

They've also offered children free tickets to events when accompanied by an adult in the first three tournaments. 

LIV Golf appears to be very open to change, though. Already they have announced plans for 2023-2204, which feature a promotion and relegation aspect as it switches over to a league format. 

Whether or not LIV Golf will be a success remains to be seen. Norman has said that the Public Investment Fund has pledged to invest a further $2billion into the venture over the next two years. 

They have already attracted some huge names to the circuit, such as Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau. 

There are rumours that 150th Open winner Cameron Smith is their number one target, while Japan's Hideki Matsuyama is rumoured to be in negotiations with the circuit for a deal that is reportedly worth twice as much as Mickelson's. 

But now you know. The LIV part of the name is not an acronym, it actually represents something that is absolutely crucial to the series that Norman hopes will flourish in years to come to realise his dream. 

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