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We tried AimPoint for 138 days to see if it could save our putting.

Golf Tips: PGA pro Steven Went with helpful tips on how using a tee in a simple range drill can help you shallow your downswing and eliminate that dreaded slice.

Dustin Johnson is a master when it comes to distance control, and he relies heavily on Trackman. 

Best Golf Driving Tips: instruction guide to help you hit straighter and longer drives. 

GolfMagic's equipment editor Alex Lodge takes a look at five of the biggest mistakes amateurs make when they start playing golf.

Six-time DP World Tour winner Joost Luiten showed GolfMagic a fantastic putting drill that will improve your putting from short to long range.

This is why US Open champion Matthew Fitzpatrick chips like this and the pros and cons of the method.

DP World Tour player Greig Hutcheon showed Matt from GolfMagic a great practice drill on how to maintain rhythm throughout your golf swing. 

DP World Tour player Greig Hutcheon showed Matt from GolfMagic a simple but effective drill on alignment and facing straight at the target.

Hurly Long of the DP World Tour told Matt from GolfMagic about his unique and fascinating meditation exercise that he uses for every shot.

Matt from GolfMagic joined Commercial Bank Qatar Masters winner Ewen Ferguson on the chipping green at The Belfry to discover the basics of his short game.

PGA pro Duncan Woolger reveals what Jordan Spieth is working on with his pre-shot routine and what us amateur hacks can learn from it. 

Have you ever missed a short putt for a match or to win a competition? Well read this page and watch the video to make sure you never do it again.

Sergio Garcia is one of the best drivers on the PGA Tour and he shows Me and My Golf exactly why in this fantastic tutorial clip.

If you have 50 yards to the pin, you should be aiming to knock it close for a short putt but how do you do this?

The legendary golf tutor showed off this great drill with his student Danielle Kang...

Manolo Vega is one of the best and funniest golf coaches on social media and he is back again to show us how to hit a fade.